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Kanbei at North Penn High School, Lansdale, PA

This is Myself, along with my two lovely ladies Megan & Kristen

This picture is me with one of my best friends, the beutiful Danielle

This Photo is of me and two of the hippest chicks alive, Drea & Nat

This here is my 8th period crew, Pete, Scott, Josh, Me and Jason

Sensei, Ohayou gozai masu!

Here's (from LEft to right) Francesca, Me, and Danilee, at the 2001 North Penn Winter Ball

This is me with Heather during English Class. (She's Such a cutie)

Me Performing the rare "Superman Stall"

The worlds largest gathering of people that have no idea where they are

Here's Me with my Good friend Caitlin.

Me and the one, the only, The Constantino!!

Stevo, with prom date Amy

Me and the Lovely Liza

Here's Rory, being a fireman (if my life is in his hands i think i'm in trouble!)

Here's TJ, the king of the Moonpies giving me the "Thumbs Up"!

Yes, you can say it, KANBEI IS THE MACK DADDY!!