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Steve Badyna Pd. 9

What would you consider the ideal college-bound male high school student to be? Would he be a handsome, 6 foot tall, Varsity football player with a B+ average, or a 5í6 break dancing, wise-cracking New Jersey Native? Probably the first choice right? Well that choice is quite understandable, but this essay is here to bring in another perspective of that 5í6 tower of power that is known to the Bridgewater-Raritan school district as Steve Badyna.

In perspective, college students have many traits, and dedication is an important trait of a college student, because without it, what would keep that student from lying around the dorms all day watching QVC and becoming a drain on the university? I am confident that I have as much dedication as needed to offer. Throughout my life, Iíve proved this dedication in my 10 years of training in the Martial Arts. The fact that my father happened to be my teacher certainly helped my dedication. Also, I have shown this dedication in my work. I believe that I always excel in the workplace because I put my whole heart into the tasks that I perform. For instance, Iím currently a Sales Associate at K B toys, and the reason that I have been able to do so well in my job is because I know how to handle people, and tell them what they want to hear. What I mean by this is that being able to constantly sell things to people is very difficult because having to keep a smile on the customerís and my face can get complicated at times, but if I was one to let my dedication waiver, Iíd probably not be a K B Toys employee anymore. So as Iíve stated, dedication is certainly one thing that I can bring to the table.

Which brings me to my next point, Iíve had several jobs in my time, and looking back on them, Iíve noticed a trend (if you were thinking that they all involve as little responsibility as possible, youíd be wrong). All of the jobs Iíve had involve a large amount of interaction with people. I believe that the strongest part of my personality would be my charismatic/understanding character, which is the source of my success in the workplace, and hopefully will be a source of success in college. College students need a certain level of charisma and understanding of other people to make it in a place where one is constantly surrounded by so many people. Whether itís dealing with professors, or administrators, or even roommates, being able to work things out and talk smoothly with people is very crucial to oneís survival in college. Of all things, interaction with other people would most likely be the easiest thing for me to handle.

So, maybe youíve liked my essay, maybe it made you chuckle, or it may have even made you think less of me, but whatever it has done, the one thing for certain that I can say about it, is that there is nothing false about it. Honesty is a very important thing and I honestly believe that this 5í6, break dancing, wise-cracking New Jersey Native can be a valuable asset to any university. And I thank you for taking the time to read this concoction of words that I like to call my college essay.