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          Strike - Blockade - Party - Protest on May 1st!


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PUBLIC M1 LAUNCH: March 22nd - All Welcome!

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What is M1?
M1 (or May Day) is an international day of non violent protest & civil disobedience against corporate greed and tyranny through globalisation and capitalism. IT It is essentially a carnival against capitalism.  It encompasses the new protest movement (seen in Seattle, Washington, Melbourne (S11), Davos.....) of workers, students, unionists, environmentalists, socialists, anarchists, artists, church groups etc. and the tradition of May Day which is traditionally an international day of workers solidarity and pride.  

The Perth M1 Alliance is open to all and is busy organising activities for M1 which will include a workers strike, a non-violent Stock Exchange blockade and an all day carnival with speakers, street theatre and music. There will also be a high school and university walk out, a corporate scum bags tour and a march through the city. It will commence at 7.00am on May 01 at the Stock Exchange entrance on Sherwoord Court - off St. Georges Terrace, Perth. By starting the protests at the Stock Exchange we hope to vent our anger at the undemocratic transfer of power from Parliament to the corporate sector.

We demand a society for all - not an economy for the few.

At the same time 100,000's will take to the streets around Australia and the world. The momentum, excitement and necessity of this event are enormous. Sydney and Melbourne will host massive actions and the Perth M1 Alliance will ensure West Australians have an opportunity to vent their anger at our increasingly unjust and corrupt society.

The M1 alliance takes confidence and inspiration from the massive protests of S11 in Melbourne last year.   20,000 protested against the presence of the World Economic Forum (WEF) who are unelected but self titled 'global leaders'.  For more info. on S11 click here!

Main M1 site with news

Click here to see Perth M1 statement of Principles
Click here to to see next M1 meeting. Open to all!
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Click here to to see latest anti-corporate news.
Click here to see history of May Day

What is Globali$ation?
Economic Globalisation allows huge corporations to grow so big that they become more powerful than our elected Governments. This has transferred power from Parliament to the Stock Exchanges where we have no say. Corporations have a huge influence in the Media, our Government, laws, natural environment and workplaces. Unelected bodies such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank create the freedom for corporations to roam the world, ignoring national laws and sovereignty in search of profit at any cost to people and the environment. The capitalists of globalisation are the exploiters, slave traders & colonialists of the new millennium.

What are the effects of Globali$ation?
The masterclass elite of government, business, military and media acquire huge wealth and power at our expense whilst we struggle to meet their consumer expectations and market pressures. At present 225 people have assets greater than 50% of the world's population. Whilst $2 trillion is gambled on currency markets each day, 16 million people starve do death every year due to 3rd world debt. According to the UN, 1/3 of the world's workers are now unemployed whilst Corporations and their profits grow bigger and bigger. Less than 6 corporations control all of the world's basic commodities such as coffee and cotton. Capitalist sponsored wars kill millions in the name of oil, territory & the profit of the elite. Society is fastly being turned into an economy where privatisation of OUR assets force us to pay again for health, education and social services. Corruption & abuses of power mean Governments can be bought ensuring a rorting system where little change occurs for the working class and our dying natural environment.

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In Australia
the effects can be directly seen in our weak currency, fuel prices, our reliance on the American economy and multinational companies playing State Governments against each other for TAXPAYERS money. While Skase, Bond and Laws suffer a rich mans justice little criticism is offered in the media controlled by Murdoch, the 1% taxpayer, and Packer, the man whose wealth grows $30m a day. As the gap between rich and poor grows, Australia is now the 6Tth most unequal country in the world and the 2nd biggest contributor (per capita) to global warming. Massive deforestation, deadly uranium mines and nuclear waste dumps ensure the rich make fast money from our Children's future. Governments help the bosses commit a daily assault on working people's pay, shifts, holidays, overtime, pensions and maternity rights. Other effects can be seen in the greed of the banks, the GST and the explicit racism against refugees and native Australians.

In WA the recent election showed the 2 party 'nothing changes' theory in practice. 2 major parties used media monopoly to produce spin, hype and promises that can only result in corporate domination. In WA the effects of the globalisation of capitalism and greed can be seen everywhere. Think Doug Shave, Bond, BHP, Kingstream steel, the $5m Bell Tower, Leighton beach, and the Northbridge Tunnel. Meanwhile our health and education systems are in ruins and we are the biggest polluting State in Australia!

         Click here for the dirt on multinationals!


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Can Globali$ation be stopped?
YES! Against all odds, against huge criticisms and with little resources People Power throughout history has toppled dictators and empires. We can force change but we have to do so NOW! Child labour, global warming, and worker exploitation are not natural phenomenon! They are the result of greed! The new anti-globalisation movement has seen millions take to the streets around the world.

The growing international movement encompasses concerned people of all races, ages and beliefs calling for fair, democratic systems where people and the environment are put before profits. Despite a long uphill battle & negative publicity from the corporate owned media, the movement continues to grow in number and strength. Unlike giants Shell, Rio Tinto & Nike, we don't promote violence against people & the earth to achieve our objectives.

                      THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO RECLAIM MAY DAY!

Want to find out more?
Governments and the media benefit from globalisation and hence suppress debate. However there is quality information available from independent sources such as alternative newspapers and websites. Talk to people, check our links, scrutinise the press, do research, help organise and JOIN IN M1!!!




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Richard Court trying to ram raid protesters at S11 in Melbourne
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What will be former Trotskyist Geoff Gallop's response?



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