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Nov. 18th
I've had a very crazy week and haven't had time to get the pictures up. They'll be up by Saturday, I hope! I'm going to playing at my school on Thursday, November 21st, starting at 7:00 PM!
I finally found a studio! Well, I'm pretty sure I can use this one for free. My brother's hooking me up. I'll keep you updated!
Nov. 9th
The assembly went great. It was tons of fun and there were a lot of people there...something like 900! It was my biggest performance yet, but definetly one of the most nerve racking. I'm still working on a is the issue!
I have pictures of the assembly and some promo pictures that will be up soon, they're getting developed today. Thanks to all who supported me yesterday!
Nov. 1st
I'm trying to get into a studio soon. I want a good sounding recording for cheap and that's a little difficult. I'm trying to get it done by the end of this month because I'm trying to enter the EMP Sound Off contests. I just got a big list of venues from the Vera Project and will be trying to set up some shows in the Seattle area. More info on that later...
I'll be playing the song I wrote for 9/11 on November 8th at the Kellogg Middle School Veteran's Day assmebly. Pictures will be taken then and will be posted as soon as they're devoloped. So check out the picture section in two weeks or so...