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Liz Huffman

Liz Huffman, a 13 year-old girl from a small suburb of Seattle called Lake Forest Park, got her start in music early. Here's her story...
At age 9, Liz Huffman played her first notes on the piano. After four years of piano lessons every Wednesday, Liz began to get bored. That's when she asked for a guitar for her 12th birthday. In the first 2 hours of owning the blue acoustic Alvarez, she had learned several chords and fell in love with its sound. Within two days of owning her first guitar, she had already witten a melody to go over three cords that was all her own.
Two months after being given the guitar, she had already written her first song, "Independent Thinker", and preformed it at her 6th grade graduation. With only four chords and a simple folk strum taught to her by her older brother she had created a song that was stuck in many people's heads.
After her first song was written, she took off writing song after song and preforming them for a few friends that would spend the night and beg her to play and sing for them.
When 7th grade rolled around, she had at least 7 songs in the making. She preformed a song called "I Never Said" at the talent show and won over students and teachers with well played guitar and great control over her voice.
Later, in September 2002, she played her first full set at Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church with three other groups, which oddly enough were all rap. An overwhelming amount of people came just to see her. A very comfortable and content Liz graced a stage with only a stool, a microphone, and her guitar.
With a poppy-folk Michelle Branch meets the emo lyrics of Dashboard Confessional and The Rocking Horse Winner style, she's won over many fans and followers of her music. Writing mainly on broken hearts and life losses and past experience, she's moved many. Inspired by her older brother, Kirk Huffman, and her mom, she's not planning on quiting.


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