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me and jennifer fight fight fight

ok so the part of the convo that i lost went kinda like her saying "i hate u" instead of the normal "hi," and then i know she got mad at me for stealing her eric. pcchhh i didn't know she was so serious about this. apparently she wants him "badly." then she dropped that subject and told me she was making a sn called "anti prep" or "prep hater" or something along those label-based lines. i told her "i don't know what to say to that without you biting my head off" cuz if i said that was cool, she'd tell me that it's not cool for me cuz i'm a prep. if i said her new sn sucks, she'd accuse me of being a prep. so she got confused, saying that she'd never say that. i said "oh but you will. this is just why you told dorothy i dress like a 'fuggin' prep when you didn't know i was at her house" and she said "well that's not your business" and at first i didn't really have anything to say, but then i exploded with "you're one to talk about having something not be your business! do i really have to explain?" and yes, apparently i did have to. i re-told the story of the journal stealing incident, and then i told her how something was written in it after she finally returned it to me. she was defending herself, saying "that wasn't me, it could been natalie, casey, or christina cuz i showed it to all of them" and gawd do i hate her so much. and then we both got on aim, and again, instead of the normal and civil "hi," she said "fuck u. ur deadjournal... i'm mad" cuz i wrote in it that she was an all-out prep and that eric shouldn't be sad that jennifer didn't ask him out cuz i mean come on, it's just jennifer. so i got mad and said "well u should be glad i still have at least one journal ur actually ALLOWED to read! u don't have to steal this one, eh?" and she said "u only wanted me to wear the armwarmer to school so you could see me get made fun of" and yes this was true... i said "you brought this on yourself" which is so true god dammit i am a fucking genius. if only me and her had never met. you know how better off i would be? ugh. i told her "i'm never gonna get over the journal thing. don't expect me to magically be okay with it." cuz it was really an invasion of my privacy, and after i let her in my house 3 times a week cuz her babysitter quite. i soon learned WHY her own babysitter, a family friend, would desert 3 kids with nowhere to go after school. poor children, JENNIFER couldn't watch the other 2, so they give her to me? i'm only like 6 months older than her. so anyway, we got into this big thing about how i shouldn't be so "scientific" and then she accused me of making fun of her slowness. so we stopped talking for a while, and i think she tried to apologize to me, using pms as an excuse for her bitchiness. i said "see? you're not pms-ing! you're just saying that to sound cool!" and she's like "no not really. that's y i have to take medicine. my mom won't even tell me the name of it" and i asked her what pms means, she said "u change moods every so often" but then i explained, and she finally said "the p means period" and i'm like "no. i can't help but laff at u. you know when you're pmsing but apparently you told dorothy you got your period on the 30th... bs. pms stand for PRE menstrual syndrome... so just shut up." and then she get off or something, came back, finally said the normal "hi" but then added "are you talking to MY eric?" i said "yeah. we're talking to each other, actually" and then she says "o ur his friend. nvm then" and i said "i don't exactly know what you mean by that... are you making FUN of my SLOWNESS???" and i was secretly making fun of her. that's too bad cuz i don't know exactly why she's so sensitive about it.

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