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everything is fantastic

IM SICK OF PUTTING PICTURES HERE. photobucket is easier!

[12 14 03]
janelle dying her hair
art thing in baltimore
museam feild trip from awhile back. these are pretty out of order

[nov 26 03]
pictures on the pot
i really dont feel like uploading wedding pictures and museam pictures. uuuuugh

[nov 6 03]
i hung out with matt for the first time in ohhhh 600 years

[nov 1 03]

janelles big birthday partaaay

[10-29-03MYBIRTHDAY, but the pictures are from the 17th]
dinner party!
these are from my birthday. janelle did the html for lazy me and she left in the captions from the aquarium. except for a few that she added, like 2. but the first 2 pictures work so well with the captions! and dont forget the arrows at the bottom, there are 4 pages. oh, and janelle, the resturant was caled miNato, not miMato!

costume party!costume party!
in the next day or so, there will be janelle form the mall, and my birthday at japenese restaurant in baltimore! theres so many its taking forever to save

this is from the 12th. janelles bday at silver diner

[october 17, 03]
i left my camera at emilys house a long time ago.. these are from that night.
1. stevens house 2. and EXTREME air hockey tournament
and this is from tonight. von came over for dinner, we watched snow day, the worst, funniest movie ever, and had the best chicken and rice this side of the moon. oh, and i dont knwo whats going on with the red x's. everything is fine but its not working and im too annoyed to fix it.

[9- so almost october]
these are all pictures from janelles brothers camera. that why they look good.
janelle went to this birthday party
that was after we went to lotte.
and this is christY in a trash bag
janelles date not date with drew the super friend
janelles hair 1 and janelles hair 2 and while she was dying it 1 and while she was dying it 2.
and now, i saved the best 2 for last
AZN lunch with kyle
and now what youve all been waiting for, mike solan! ohh yeah

[veinticinco de septiembre del ano dos mil tres]
this is so damn cool!

today, it rained, but my camera is crap and you cant even tell in that picture.
-i dont have a scanner, but i just love this picture of elijah.
-i took all the stickers off of danny, cause theyre ugly as crap. except for this one cause von gave it to me and it glows in the dark, and this one because its hybred.
i need to get a new camera.

last time, i forgot to put these pictures up. juli and kate found somehting really spoooky at merriweather
and then last night i ate custard and swang with von andrew ash and johnny

i was gone for 2 weeks and then i lost the thing to upload pictures for 1 week then i was sick for another, but now theres pictures of the last 4 weeks..
this is my moms old house in VA
the beach with moms friend and her kids anthony and sarah
drinking soda and not eating subs
and what youve aaaaaall been waiting for..a sexy spanish fruit girl!

5 pictures. a message from kate, kate, and janelle as an indian girl.

the first picture is the side of a plumbing truck in baltimore, i thought it was funny. the second is a really blurry shot of the Found thing at atomoc books. the guy at the mic is davy in between sips of beer, reading "lie big"

right side is mine, left side is juli's. i prefer the streetwhore look.

i went to the aquarium with larry and meghan

these are pictures of emilys baby sister, amelia! shes the cutest baby youll ever see. shes almost 2 weeks old in these. some are pretty blurry, i didnt want to use flash. you know, baby eyes and all.

the bridge and crap

you know those metal things on floppy disks? well this is the coolest thing ever. the star ship enterprise!

janelles beautiful shirt she altered, my cat, and the inside of janelles closet on her floor

von spent the night this weekend. these pictures are probably only entertaining if you are me or her.

some mall things

we (me+janelle) went to UMBC today on a feild trip. and there was only 15 minutes left of class when we got back, so we spent it in the bathroom. doing stupid things and taking stupid pictures. if the captions dont make sense, tis cause janelle hasnt got to them yet.

[4-16 untill 4-19]
FINALLY, thanks to janelle and teamwork, pictures from the beach! all captions thanks to janelle. and she amde the pages. i just saved and uploaded them, which takes a damn long time.
day 1
day 2
day 3
day 4

today i took pictures of janelle vaccumning and we thought "hey itd be cool if we animated this" so i got the program and wow! it sure is addictive!
janey vaccuming
janey with kissing bugs
the road moving
kate dancing and doing whatever else she does
kate jumping on ray
josh jumping and dancing
this was shot at precisely 9:11 pm.
janelle trying on a dress, this ones real crappy

beautiful kate!

us at foooood lion


im beginning to think columbia is hollywood jr. its uncanny! where does taylor end and matt begin?

today, i decided to take pictures of my bathroom. it is shit, the bathroom.

this is a picture josh and jer drew for kate, its beautiful isnt it?

i went to baltimore with my parents today, and we saw a play.

the 4th day with janelle

and we thought today was going to be horrible! untill we were with the most wonderful boys ever

[valentines day!]
at the mall again with janelle patrick matt and ashley.

at the mall with janelle, patrick, matt, and ashley

school with janelle

kates house/the mall

janelles house, ooh fun

[old school]
emilys room before paint went on the walls

my kitty is pretty

[The Jesus tm]
days with elijah

kyle on the bus ride home

[Mr. Dunbar]
hes the ricktard of murray hill! the first few are huge, deal with it.

[how clever]

these are from some Wilde Times show, i think back in not sure. i just found them.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

its anton!
you see, this pictures really really old. about a year old, if not more. one day at the mall i saw a guy with a camera and we said "hey! another person with a camera! lets take a picture of us taking pictures of each other!" and then that was that. then i start talkign to anton, and im looking at my pictures,! it was him! now i show that picture to anton and..
rubics boob: whadda ya know
rubics boob: its me
indihrdlnemosux: it is!
rubics boob: oh shit
rubics boob: was that you that one day?
indihrdlnemosux: yeah!
cause we are just that cool*

justin lloys/blahblah from TBS

[9-8-02 at the mall with the msot fun people on earth, yay!]
lambchop on elijah[1]
gordon is a very nice boy[3]
greg and jackie, awwww :)[4]
alex and lauren, awww :)[7]
elijah is silly[8]
juli being nose raped[9]
josh says "oh my god you have an afro pick its my dream come true" julie says "no dont give him an afro pick!"[10]
janelle kissing elijahs eye[11]

[9-6-02 "friday night out"]
david derrol[1]
kris with a k[2]
ben natalie and jason[3]
natalie and jason[4]

[9-6-02 school picnic thing]
the electrical shack thing looked like hagrids house![1]
christy andy and janelle[2]
von eating banana, icky[4]
put your dirty thoughts away![5]

[DC with em mikey and natalie, and mall afterwards]
me em mikey[1]
em mikey natalie[2]
the carousel we always say were gonna ride and never do[3]
ewwww wheaton mall, eewww cooties[4]
alex and lauren[5]
monte and mikey[6]
elijah int he window with peoples refections[9]
janelle and elijah eating pizza[10]

[THE Mall]
these pictures are so old the only reason im putting them up is because charley is in most of them
the shovel goes up the old mans butt![1]
charley drinking[2]
charley and jon[4]
charley being attacked[5]
charley retard[7]
charley retarted[8]
charley being a bush-really dark[9]
charley and his sexy legs[11]
charley "stretching"[12]
sophisticated dan[13]
scooby doo[14]
charley retarted[16]
my neighbor kara who "knows" shes gonna marry justin timberlake[17]
i cant rememebr if this is jon being french or jon being a pirate[18]
me holding onto a pole[20]
annoying kid, chris[21]
dan strange face[23]
emilys moms excedrin..right[24]
my favorite past time.[25]
closeup of charley sleeping[26]
charley sleeping[28]
emily and brad[30]
jon is a pirate[32]