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Well, this is it, my very own website. A place for me to share what's been happening lately as well as some other cool things(like songs and recipes!) Anyway, I don't have very much for now, but hopefully soon I'll get it all going. Then you can check out all the different things that I've wasted my time putting together. My roommate (everyone say "HI" to BJ) probably thinks I'm nuts 'cause I never have homework to do. Well, BJ, maybe you should have picked a different faculty, like management for instance. Ouch, I bet that burns doesn't it engineering boy?

Anyway, feel free to check out what I've got and come back to see when I update, which will probably be about once a week.

The most exciting place will probably be the Kentopia Gazette, where I'll keep a journal of my "exciting" activities. You'll also be able to read the older entries at the Kentopia Public Library. The Music Hall is where I'll put some really cool songs, the ones we love, and the ones we love to hate. (Thomas knows what I'm talking about!) Of course, I'm open to suggestions too. The next stop on the tour of Kentopia is the on-line version of the Bright Light Lounge,, where I'll list the house specials as a handy resource. If your in the mood for a film this evening, you can stop by the Video Store where I can suggest a movie for the evening. The Bus Station is your way out of Kentopia and to other, far more beautiful sites, those that I find myself at most frequently. Finally, the Post Office is the best way to get in touch with me should you feel the need. Go ahead and write me if you think that I've missed something or just to say hi.

Take care and I'll talk to you all soon Thank You, Linus

Look, it's my name in Korean

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