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Isn't It Pretty?

It's Shawnville, without question one of the coolest little places on the internet. Shawn made his whole website by himself and he inspired me to do my own so you should go and check it out. He even made the banner just for me.

Visit Coffee Break Arcade For More Fun Games

OK, I'm an addict, I can admit that. Plus it's way better than QBZ.

Once Again, Coffee Break Arcade Has Lots of Cool Games

It's from the same guys as the last one, and just as addictive.

Like You Don't Already Have An Account

If You Don't Already Have One, You Probably Don't Need One, But What The Hell, I Figured I Might As Well Throw It On Here

Look, Even Shit-Town Has A Website

Even though I worked for the mayor, I still hate the town itself and most (and by "most" I mean all) of the things it stands for

It Could Be Worse...I Guess

Well, I guess there's room for this one too. Mostly just 'cause I made fun of it.

Makes MSN Make Sense

I Love This Site, I Use It All The Time.

Thanks To Shawn For Introducing Me To This Game

By far, this is the coolest game ever. If you've never played, either buy it or find someone that owns it.

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