the great amount of nothing that this site still is, astounds even regular portrayals of crap that i... am. so, without any equiviations i applaud myself on creating the LEAST visited and enjoyable site ever. in better news, i may record my album entitled "cats collect porcelain", the debut release from jaf. this will be not awaited at all, by anyone, except one of my sisters friends. i thank her for her support and offers of large money for the cd. the rest of the world can go fuck itself for lack of interest. im feeling vitriolic that i am not in a good band. BUT THERE IS A GUESTBOOK! OH THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING! sorry. bye for now. tom

this site, after initial lame-ness, has now moved up onto a plateau that overlooks all other lame sites. the lame site king. i have put down all the pages and will continue to work on them, adding the foundations of information. not that anyone cares. does this mean i'm schizophrenic or just disillusioned from reality? tom