My Music Stuff
So far, you could attribute many many many bad sounding tapes to the credit of Johnny Action Figure. This is due to the quality of the recording device, rather than the music... we hope.

These early tapes are named in order; The Ambient Work 1 ; The Ambient Work 2 ; The Scarred Tom Project

The Ambient Works 1 + 2 : These were mostly experimental (i.e crap) recordings of me trying out different stuff. These taught me many lessons, such as, less is more often, on a track. Just leave it to the bare essentials to allow for the most feeling to come through. I did a lot of drums on these tapes. Only one copy of each was ever mastered... oooooh, rarities that noone wants... ironic?

The Scarred Tom Project : This was a more serious tape of my songs as I wrote them. It was so I could hear my tracks on tape, rather than just in my head. The track listing is - 1. Magnetic Eye 2. Dorms/Touch 3. ADD (schizo-vocal-mix) 4. Forget Me 5. Boots 6. Insomnia (The Dreamless State) 7. This One Night. These are the first songs that I wrote seriously, a couple I have stopped playing as I don't enjoy them. This could be considered the first of my proper recordings. I hope to have a proper first tape done soon, and then some songs on the internet.