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People’s emotions are running high.  People are talking, expressing their feelings, which is good. However, we should not get angry with others opinions, or fear others anger and emotions.  We need compassion for each other, as a nation, to pull together.


Listen to others, and try to understand where they are coming from, even if you disagree.  Tact and respect should be practiced.  Yelling “F@#$ You!” at each other is not a way to get through this without making irrational mistakes.


As for vengeance, will we go above our own belief of innocent until proven guilty out of anger and bloodlust?   We should think before reaching for our guns, and whom we are aiming at.  All we know is what the media and our government tell us, as to whom our enemies are. Our desire to see whomever did these terrible acts pay is not without just cause, however we should not be a vengeful murderous nation, ourselves.


And lastly, but not at all least important, we should not have prejudice towards Americans with Middle Eastern or Afghanistan backgrounds.  We are all Americans here.  Let us act like Americans, and pull together to get through this, without turning into monsters.