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Bill's Grand Page of JavaScript

Here are some JScript and DHTML scripts, most of which I've written, most of which are cool.  If you have any questions or comments you can mail me (please e-mail me, I'm lonely! I need human contact!) and tell me what you think of the whole thing..

Mouse Trails The springy feather thing from the home page.  I've added some fun stuff to make the feathers fly.
Author: Unknown  
Mouse Shadow The dark shadow that's under the mouse on just about every page.
Fader Fades elements in or out of a page.
Navigation Bar The nav bar over there on the left.
'Voobing'  The effect on the title of the home page.
February Stars White light fades in and out quickly in  random positions.  
Picture Fader Takes a bunch of pictures and fades them in and out in random positions.  Quite a nice thing to put in your Active Desktop.
Clock Takes a licking.
Daily Alarm 'nuff said
Stop Watch Counts up and down, it's quite nice.
Calendar Simple calendar.
Author: Unknown

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