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Bill's Page of Blackhawks Wonder




Bills Three 's

Bob Probert:
2  goals, 2 assists, and +3 in his last three games.  This guy is one of my favorite players ever.  Any guy who's 6th all time in penalty minutes (3106) is O.K. with me.  Good luck to him for the Bill Masterton Trophy.
Chris Herperger:
1  goal, 3 assists, and +3 in his last three games.
Eric Daze:
1  goal, 1 assists, and +2 in his last three games.  He's been on a tear since the all star break.


3 Bustouts

Mike Smith:
Dean McAmmond for a 3rd round pick?!?  What the hell was he thinking!  McAmmond plays hard and checks hard.  He's worth more than a 3rd round pick.  We might as well have given him away because we won't find anyone in the 3rd round that can help the team. 
Boris Mironov:
1 assist and -1 in the last 3 games.  I never liked the guy.  I've seen him have some pretty horrible games.
Jean-yves Leroux:
Is this guy ever going to make some waves?


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