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2001-2002 M.U. Band Officers
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Position/Name/E-Mail Bio
Image: Terry Schroeder

Terry Schroeder
Name: Terry Schroeder
Year: Senior
Instrument: Baritone Saxophone
Major: Public Relations
Hometown: Kenosha, WI

     The Marquette Band has been an important, fun, exciting, and fulfilling part of my college life here at MU. The friends I have made and experiences I've had while in band have made me a better, complete person. Without the band, I don't know what I would be doing at MU. The band is full of great people who will "become professionals in their own fields" as Dr. C. likes to put it. I feel that even though we come from different walks of life and have different majors, we all have one thing in common… a love to play in the Marquette Band. For those 6 hours a week, we come together to play as a group and feel a sense of accomplishment after playing a great concert. I invite everyone to come to our concerts, listen to our jazz bands, and cheer with us as we play at the basketball games. Have a great year everyone, and see you in band!

Image: Hannah Martin
Vice President

Hannah Martin
Name: Hannah Martin (Alter ego: Raheem)
Year: SENIOR!!
Instrument: Trombone
Major: Civil Engineering
Past band offices held: Co-Social Coordinator
Sad fact of my life: Right now, I'm watching Becoming the Red Hot Chili Peppers on MTV. I don't even really like them. What the hell?? Allright, obviously I looooove music. If you ask me what kind of groups I'm in you'll get an endless list: I'm in 'em all! Any chance I get to play my precious tromboner, I take it. I love to listen to all kinds of music, except country pretty much. My eclectic tastes are as follows: favorite bands = Slipknot, Less Than Jake, Tool, Catch 22. I know; I'm messed up. My best friend is Jack Daniel's and when he's not around, I turn to my pal Mad Dog 20/20. If you found out any more about me, you'd be bored and sleeping (if you're not already.) GO MARQUETTE BASKETBALL!!!!!


Liz Kelly
Name: Elizabeth Kelly (Liz)
Year: sophomore
Instrument: clarinet/percussion
Major: biochemistry
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Birthday: July 22, 1982
Favorite thing about Band: all the lovely bando folks
Favorite song you've played in Band: the rondo from Mozart's clarinet concerto and I really like "in the miller mood"
Most memorable Pep Band moment/basketball game: playing "come sail away" at the last men's basketball game...and when the golden eagle attacked Phil
Preferred musical genre: I love metal, rock, ska, punk, jazz, eighties, good dance stuff, and musical soundtracks.
Favorite band: Godsmack, as far as bands now go...
Favorite college mascot: um, I don't really have one, although when I was little, I wanted to be the Notre Dame leprechaun...
Favorite Halloween costume: I had a great time dressing up as Velma last year, but being Palmer was the most fun.
Favorite expression: rock on!
Favorite cincinnati heckle: there are no bearcats in Ohio!!!!!!!!
Favorite Pep Band song: bells...i go to extremes, bass drum...iron man! and carry on my wayward son


Steve Brown

     Hello Band, I'm Steve Brown the band treasurer. This year is looking good for the whole band and I hope to help make it a wonderful experience for everyone.
     I'm a Senior majoring in Economics and Human Resources, and I plan to stay at Marquette next school year in order to finish a Masters of Science in Applied Economics. I play Euphonium along with Spence, and I work too much.
     I am currently working at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino as a Valet. By the way, anyone interested in applying talk to me, you can make as much as $10 or more per hour.
     I love Highlanders and I won the best costume contest last year clad in Papa Smurf attire. If anyone has any questions about band, the band account balance, or anything else please talk to me.

By the way,
My address is 915 N. 15th St. #308 (the Kensington)
and my phone number is 934-8604.

See you in Band



Pete Durbin
Name: Pete Durbin, a.k.a. Pooter
Year: Senior
Instrument: Percussion
Major: Advertising
Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Past offices: Co-PR officer my sophomore year with John Palmer...and no, I didn't have the binder the whole year without ever letting John see it once...
Hobbies: Drumming, listening to lots of good ol' rock music, attending lots of good ol' rock concerts
My Role as an Officer: I take pictures, lots of pictures

Small Ensembles Coordinator

Greg Spencer
Name: Greg Spencer a.k.a. spencer, spence
Year: 5th year senior (I'm old!)
Instrument: Euphonium
Major: Criminology
Hometown: Rockford, Il.
     A little about me, well, if you want to know I'm quite a character that doesn't like the flow of things sometimes. I'm a Taurus, like long walks by the beach, moonlight dinners, Greco-Roman wrestling (with a nice lemony scented oil), and an overall nice guy. I absolutely LOVE cars. I can talk all day about them, but I'll save you the boredom for now. Onto other interests of mine. The Cubs, well, they're so awesome I don't know where to start. The Bears will win it this year, so what if they don't have a good quarterback and have only won 19 games within the last 4 seasons? The Bulls will win it with the powerhouses of Charles Oakley, Eddie Robinson, and Greg Anthony. I like music, but not that country stuff. My favorite genres are rock/metal and disco (it will NEVER die). My favorite day of the week is funkadelic Friday. If you want to find out, come and find me on a Friday and I'll show you what I mean. Love to travel, especially for free. I like yelling, so if you are at any games and you hear someone from the band, it's probably me. A few of my favorite expressions are doggoneit, doopa, chachmo, and gzoman. My work consists of driving L.I.M.O.s, which is very interesting sometimes, like this one time, oh never mind, I ran out of time. If you want to learn more, click on the email address and ask.

CO-Social Coordinators

Meghan Root
Jess Chapman

Meghan Root:
Name: Meghan
Year: Junior
Instrument: Clarinet
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Bremen, IN (it's near south bend)
Birthday: May 25, 1981
Hobbies: MUSIC, going to shows, swimming, softball, watching VH1, or movies, football, or NASCAR.
Favorite thing about Band: Duh, the people.
Favorite song you've played in Band: the forest battle one from Star Wars
Favorite annual Band event: hmmm, I dont know, they're all a good time. Probably the senior picnic though.
Most memorable Pep Band moment/basketball game: Louisville at Marquette in 2001: Triple Overtime, fight between players, fan tries to steal a Louisville jersey, fan throws shoe at ref. After all that, who even remembers that we lost?
Preferred musical genre: Punk Rawk baby...ska is good too though.
Favorite band: Iggy Pop and The Stooges, or The Dead Boys
Favorite time of day: around midnight
Favorite cincinnati heckle: You won't graduate (clap clap clap)
Favorite Pep Band song: El Cumbanchero! I like elvira too (clarinet solo...woo woo)

Jess Chapman:
     Hello all you bando lovers out there! I am pleased to tell you about myself. First of all, I am a Junior in nursing, enjoy helping people and consider myself a "people person". The biggest kick out of life that I get is making people around me smile :) I also am the one of the social coordinators of the mu band which allows me to help others have fun in this excellent organization. Furthermore, I would also like to say that I AM THE BIGGEST BAND DORK THERE IS AND EVER WILL BE AND I AM PROUD OF IT! I play clarinet and tenor sax, which certify me as being band material. Also, I get a crazy thrill out of dressing in an over-sized blue and gold rugby and acting like a nut in order to cheer on MU Basketball! Although bandos are down right goofy at times, I love them and wouldn't consider myself and my "marquette experience" complete without them. If you are not yet a crazy bando member or would like some additional information about the mu band please feel free to contact me.

Co-Directors of Public Relations

Kristina Dubovik
Melissa Jamrock
Kristina Dubovik:
Year: Junior
Instrument: French Horn
Major: BioMedical Sciences
Hometown: Johnsburg, IL
Birthday: August 4, 1981
Hobbies: Band!!! Shopping, ice cream, Heather
Favorite thing about Band: Seeing my friends
Favorite song you've played in Band: definitely the Marquette March
What's your sign: Leo [what's your sign baby!?]
Favorite annual Band event: taking the pep band picture [hehe]
Most memorable pep band moment/basketball game: George Foreman
Preferred musical genre: Anything Sousa! [yeah baby!]
Favorite band: George as in Boy George [the heroin years]
Favorite college mascot: The "WAWA"
Favorite expression: "poop on patty"
If you could be any animal, which would you be: a llama [they're crafty, damn crafty]
Favorite decade: the 1980's
Average hours per week spent in VT: roughly 15-20 [about, maybe more]
Favorite sports team: Cubs
Favorite pep band song: 50, oh yeah!

Melissa Jamrock:
Name: Melissa "Jammy" Jamrock
Year: Junior
Instrument: Alto Sax
Major: Broadcast and Electronic Communications and Spanish
Hometown: Dolton, IL
Birthday: 7/10/81
Hobbies: Movies, music, tv, movies, hanging with friends, playing with my hamsters, and movies
Favorite thing about Band: The great friends I've made and the great times I've had
Favorite song you've played in Band: Spring '01 concert
Favorite annual Band event: Dinner/Dance and basketball games
Most memorable pep band moment: Midnight Madness when I told the entire arena to come to the band concert....
Favorite band: Save Ferris
If you could be any animal, which would you be: a hamster so I can see what my hamsters go through when they are in their balls
Favorite decade: 1980s
Favorite dorm: Tower to live in and East to eat at
Average hours per week spent in VT: tons and tons


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