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Nov. 13, 2001

  Terry Schroeder - President Top Nov. 13, 2001
  Hi Band!

Its Terry. I wanted to let all of you know that the basketball games are IMPROVING! We played more at last night's game than the first game. The more we show up to play, the more attention we will get from those who make decisions in the athletic department. Having all of us show up, play, and support the teams will let Marquette know that we care. If we don't show up, how are we supposed convince people into letting us play more? WE CAN'T THAT WAY! To all the upperclassmen: Let's show the underclassmen what a college basketball experience is all about. Cheering, taunting players and just making fools of ourselves at games is what we do best. The more rowdy we get, the more rowdy the crowd will get... and we all know that. Let's make our opinion known by showing up to play games. GO BAND!

Don't forget the fun social events this weekend and all the basketball games!

Also, if you want to see the viewpoint Hannah (that's me!) wrote to the Trib, go here:


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