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M.U. to Give Sousa Degree
Doctorship of Music to Be Presented at Convocation Nov. 16

The Milwaukee Journal - November 7, 1923

    Lieut. Com. John Philip Sousa, world known band leader, will be honored by the degree of Doctor of Music at a solemn convocation of faculty and students in Marquette gymnasium Friday morning, Nov. 16.

    Lieut. Com. Sousa, who appears at the Auditorium for concerts Nov. 17 and 18, has canceled an Indiana engagement to be present to receive the degree from Marquette university college of music.  Saturday night's concert in the Auditorium has been designated as Marquette night.  The arena will be decorated in Marquette colors and Sousa's band will play a number of Marquette songs.  Prof. William Wegner of the Marquette faculty will sing a solo accompanied by Sousa's band.

    Every student of the university is expected to be in the gymnasium, Sixteenth and Clybourn Sts., at 10 a.m.  Lieut. Com. Sousa arrives at 10:30 and a recessional march of all the students will begin soon after.  The bandmaster and the Rev. Albert C. Fox, president of the university, will fall in at the rear of the recessional.

    Father Fox will make the opening address and Dr. Liborius Semmann, dean of the college of music, will then present the candidate for honors and the degree will be conferred by Father Fox.

    Sousa, who has been a bandmaster of note for 43 years, has been decorated in England, France and Belgium. 

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