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Bill Haddad, COSC172, sect.1001, Assignment 1

Problem 1. Defining basic terms. (10 points)
Recall the example(s) used in class to explain the terms listed below. Be creative, and write your own example which explains and illustrates these terms. Yes, this may take some thought, and you may need to alter 'reality' a bit to complete this. The main purpose is for you to demonstrate that you understand how these terms relate to each other.
The terms you need develop an example for are:


Problem 2. Extracting RFC information. (15 points)
Understanding that RFCs are the official source for detail information of a protocols attributes and behavior, it is important to be able to read and extract this information from the RFC. Investigate a RFC of your choice, and write a summary that provides:

the name and number of the rfc
the overall purpose of the rfc
the 'main' attributes of the rfc (note: "main" not all)
the overall behavior of the rfc (protocol)
NOTE: this assignment is not asking you to 're-write' the RFC. It is asking you to read, understand, interpret, extract and then 'summarize' the RFC. Finally be sure to include the link to the original RFC source.