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Lets go
Cover your ears cause i'm probably going to say something you don't want to hear.
Learning something new is probably the only thing that you fear.

Just because it's different doesn't mean you can't understand.
He just wants to help you, just wants to be your friend.

You are so close minded, but you expect me to keep mine open.
I still have yet one argument to win.


This place is crazy.
So crazy to me.
Bet you thought that I was dead.
Because you haven't seen me out of bed.

I don't care what you do
As long as you stay true to you
I don't care what you say
As long as everything turns out o.k.

Some words go here
in this letter to you
I'm finally over you

Hachi Pachi

It's the words you don't understand
It's the words you don't comprehend
They have to do with you
They have to do with me

You always look for the wrong things
You can't help but turn your thoughts away
Just focus on him and he will
give you what you need to hear

You never understood
Cause you nevr really wanted to
Just take the time
and read it through

Never Ever*

I'll try not to cry
when i see a pretty girl walk by
I'll try not to stare
even though she has long blonde hair
I'm a punk, I'm a loser
don't know if i've got a chance with her now

She's too popular for me
way too popular to me
She thinks she's better but see
She's a loser just like me

Every day I see her friends
they always point and stare at me
But I guess I really don't care
she's not all she's made out to be

Distorted Apple Sauce

If you can see the
Horses Fly
I'm going to poke you
In the eye.


Running Joe

I went skateboarding with my friends
Hoping that the fun would never end
Then some really big fat guy started chasing me
I asked my friends what was his name
We just call him Joe

I went skateboarding on a Sunday
That was the mistake that I made
A mechanical fat guy that chases kids
Is as crazy as it gets

Running Joe, Running Joe
Running fat Joe oh don't you know
He is wider than he's tall he has high cholesterol
Call the police he's obese
Call my mom 'cause he's really fat

That Running Joe he's very mean
He's the fastest fat guy I've ever seen
He eats nuts and bolts and robot pies
He chased me down he made me cry

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