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07 | 22 | 03
just a note to let you guys know
that the fear factor pictures are up from
this past fear factor in may...
check them out! later...

07 | 18 | 03
so i haven't updated gem in a while
things are starting to get going again
here at gem. so that is good news.
there are some events coming up...
summer camp is coming up guys!
there is a swimming party coming up too!
check them out on the events page...
sorry for not updating in a while.
things have been way crazy these past couple of months..
but new things are in store for gem..

04 | 21 | 03
things are going at gem.
things have kind of died down guys.
there are no events coming up
on the calendar as of right now.
The beach trip was the last major trip.
Hey all you gem people..
hang in there!
good things are on their way...

01 | 13 | 03
everything is going good at GEM.  
This are back into the routine, and the Justifide show is 
coming up on the 2nd of February. 
 You all need to be at this show! It is only $5, and they are really good.  
Their new cd is really good, like really good surprisingly..! so come on out! 
Also, Winter Camp is this Saturday!  Have all your things packed and
 ready for a great weekend!

01 | 06 | 03
everything is back into the good ol' routine.  thank goodness.
GEM is going to be hosting a concert, spread the word. 
on Feb. 02, 2003 - JUSTIFIED AND OTHERS TBA!!!!
It is only going to be $5 so be there. This will be awesome!!
These guys tour nation-wide and they are stopping by GEM so let
all your friends know..!

12 | 20 | 02
it is the last day of school, and it is finally Christmas Break!
I hope all you out there are going to be at the lock-in tonight.
the site has gotten a new look.
hope you guys like it..
thats it