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Me...ugly I know ;x

The Girl... : My name is Mandii.. I'm a fourteen + a half year old-sXe-emotional-drama queen. Half the time I'm heartbroken over nothing.. I duno. I guess you could say I'm an emotional roller coaster.. so ride at your own risk [[not that way mind doesn't think that way]].Sometimes I'm an eternal optimist..other's I'm so pessimistic, I scare myself. It just depends.. Don't judge me by your first impression of me.. it's not my stronger suit. I'm constantly listening to music, talking to + hanging out with my friends, singing [[that's a big one]] and daydreaming. A lot of people say my heads up in the clouds.. I think they're right. My passions include dancing [[ballet for the most part]], once again singing, writing..

Some stuff Mandii <3's : ballet, being held, being in love, belly button piercings, bisexual, bracelets, broken hearts, butterflies, candles, care bears, checkers, colorful sunsets, concerts, conor oberst, converse, creativity, cuddling, daydreams, dreaming, emo, eyebrow rings, first kisses, glitter, gwen stefani, hip bones, holding hands, kris roe, losing weight, love, lyrics, photography, pixies, poetry, pop punk, pretty eyes, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, rib bones, sad songs, serenity, shooting stars, shows, singing, ska, skateboarding, snowboarding, stargazing, stars, striped shirts, sxe, the color pink, throwing up, trying to be skinny, tube socks, tyson ritter, warped tour, wings, and writing.