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I Wanna Feel You Breathe Me..

February Tenth, 2003. x 4:31 pee.em
Rawr.. I've been really busy.. sorry I haven't updated this yet. I still hafta work on my Links + my Music sections.. but you can look at the other sections seeing as they're done. So yah.. woot. Track sucks + I'm tired... catch ya on the flip side, foo. Mandii...

the ears are bleeding to ; On My Way :: Off by One
the girl feels ; Exhausted.

February Second, 2003. x 8:51 pee.em.

This is gunna be my blog.. I'll write stuff in here. You might even get inside my head a little. Only if you're feelin lucky though :D Check out my site.. it'll be up + finished shortly. Thanks to Generic Designs for the layout.. I love it. I'll probably make my own layout someday soon..Go ahead + look around at my site.. ya know you wanna :o) Mandii...

the ears are bleeding to ; No Lies, Just Love :: Bright Eyes.
the girl feels ; Sad.