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I Wanna Feel You Breathe Me..

The Friends.. : I am someone who has the best friends in the whooooooole world. I love them all to death.. and I wouldn't be anywhere near the person I am today without them. Much <3 to all..

Starr _!This is my BFF.. she's my better half. We spend a lot of time with each other.. and we know everything about each other. We can finish each other's sentences + shit.. it's the coolest. She knocks me back into reality when my heads in the clouds.. I could go on for hours about how special my Starr is to me.. but I won't in spite of you guys. I love you sugar!!!!_@(*$_(*%_@(*%_! Jeff _!Not much to say to you nowadays I guess.. huh? Criddal _!This is another one of my best friends.. we've just recently been getting closer in the past 4 months.. I like hanging out with this girl. I would trust Criddal with my life.. she's sooo trustworthy. She's the other star queen of the group.. Much <3 Crys!!!)@*$)(! Zachy _!OMG!!@)$(*)%*!@ I love you sooo fucking much.. it's crazy sunshine. This is another one of the bestest boys I know. I'm gunna come + save you from MaineHELL soon sweets.. I promise. And I can't wait til you come stay with me.. cus we'll getta watch Never Ending Story.. and you're the only other person I know that likes that movie!!!@)(*$)!( *moves chair* *pause* Hahahaha. I love you!!!@_)(%$_! Farr _!My Farrah-Bear!!!!)@(*$)*! Oh where in the world would I be without you hunny?!?! You're so awesome possum.. and you're so trustworthy + you stick up for me when I can't do it myself. This girl is my bodyguard.. and you better be careful cus damn dude.. she scares me sometimes ;D I love you lots little sis!!!!!@)(*$_! Manda _!Pookieeee! You're so awesome sweetie.. I have no idea what I'd do without all those great times we've had.. I know I'm not the bestest friend ever sometimes.. but I'm tryin. I love you a ton babe!!!!)@($)! Flippy _!Best friend!!!)*#$)(*! You're so awesome Flippy.. don't ever forget that. He's my home skillet. Remember : It takes 2 to tango. You know what I'm talking about.. don't ever give up on yourself either. You're a good person.. :D <3 Thooomas _!OMG!!@)(*$! You're awesome Tommy.. you have no idea. You're my music whore. I can't wait til I get the chance to see you again.. don't ever forget that if you need help with something.. I'm here + you can call me. You're one of my best friends + I really trust you!!! "And I'll remember when you told me.. I could trust in you.." You're awesome Tommy!!)@(*@)@$(*! Shelbs _!You're such an awesome girl!!@)!(*$)(! I miss hanging out with you.. you gotta chillax with me someday. It feels like it's been forever!!@!)()@(*! I love you hunny ;D Kristine_!You're one of my best friends.. I'd trust you with all I have. Thanks for everything hun!!)#(#)*(%@ I love yOU!!@_(*$)(@&0$@)(&_( Ali_!I love you too hun.. thanks for always listening. And I'm always here to listen to you.