Embre'o News

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February 23, 2002

The band has recently signed a networking contract with Joseph Nicoletti of BillBoard Networking in California. The band was contacted by BillBoard and after hearing the bands 14 song demo, BillBoard wanted to start working with the band immediately. Shortly after, their bass player quit for unknown reasons but was quickly replaced with "Jester" from Houston, Tx. The band recently played a show at Check Point Charlies in New Orleans, LA with fellow band F.O.B. one week after replacing their bass player. The band feels that they are stronger than ever and have been working on new material that goes a step beyond the first album. The band also has been in contact with Shawn Barusch of Hollow Point Management and hopes to be kicking off a tour this summer. The band is ready... the question is... are you? Keep checking back with us for more news because we will be updating it as it happens.

March 5, 2002

The band is talking with Shawn Barusch of Hollow Point Management and will be one of the four bands this year to go under his management. After promoting for the band and getting their name out, they are supposed to kick off a tour on the East and West Coast. All of this is waiting to be confirmed. We will update again soon when we have confirme this. Check back for show dates and updates. Thanx.

March 19, 2002

The band is currently working on a additional 13 songs to add to their line up. The band has been working hard and they are happy with what the band has become. The sound of the band has changed with the entrace of the new bass player but they still have that unique sound that only Embre'o has. They have even added funk to their style in their song "Kamikazi." Before the band plays anything, they set back and ask their selves if they were just a person listening to this music... would they like it? So rest assure that what you'll hear when they release their 13 new songs will more than please you. And the band is also in the process of setting up some shows in the Houston area. Please check back soon for more up dates. Thanx.