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The Younger Years.[Coming Soon]
All about the Big head only known as Jermaine. Was he really that dark? Did he really jump a 25 foot ramp on his Big wheel? Oh wow at the age of 4 was that really him Driving a Car to the Toy store? All that and ... MORE

Central High School!. [Coming Soon]
Man the things We did and the Info I learned. the wild times Of drinking, skipping school, pulling fire bells, Starting drama, the the BEST way to get Down the hallways :) ((poor blonde girls, Im almost sorry))...MORE

Hobbies [Coming Soon]
All the Things and People i do :) Thers lots to know yet so little time to type it all down. Rocky Horror Pictur Show, Shopping at Wal-mart at 4am!, PERKINS!, racing, Driving all over the world, PLUS a few things I havnt even told Peachez...MORE

Furtur plans from the age of 21-to-29.
Oh the Many many things Im going to drink on my 21th and All the people To kiss!! plus the old life plans... MORE