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  ! Site Bugs !
Firends & Family page down for fix. Photos page Links are down(bigger photos dont pop up. Photo page Loads too slow even for calbe users. Sup-pages work,(Firends&Family down)but Links are not connecting. Some text and buttons Overlap each other.
  Hosts site on
Downloaded all files onto, seems to be working fine so far. Live test are in the works.
  EYE Imagine gets a whole NEW look.
Hey as you can see I totaly changed the look of my site and I damn near got all of it done in a few weeks too. I checked out a few html sites and read some vary helpfuly short cuts to makeing aa simple web site and BAM look what I get. :)
After six months in the evil world of England the great Ms.Peachez returns home for a few months to get her visa so that she may stay in the rainy east.