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Hello everyone out there in Web Land, my name's Jermaine and this is my little personal site with a few extra things for you to buy, a little piece of me in your homes.
The site is Under Construction, having some issues with Deamweaver. Check back from time to time and hopefully I'll have it up and running in a week. Any Feedback on the site would help me a ton.
Thanks to all the people that help test the site on them first days. Mad cookies to you all.

Scaned In some more Flies today and Plain on Posting my site up at Midnight.

Tested the Main page and got some feed back that it takes a long time to down load for some users. Untill I find a fix for this I set up the smaller hompage.

The ideal of making a web site pops into the big head of Jermaine and so the story begins... Oh man this is scary.

Minnesota Art School .com

Pixar .com

Famous Art Schoo books. com

Deviantart .com

Disney .com

WB .com

Loony Toons. com

Wal-Mart .com

Dick Blick .com

Comic Books .com

Animations .com


  • 30 day money back
  • 5x7 in size with frame and glass
  • Printed on High Quality acid free paper
  • Signed by artist
  • Click here for more Information
About My Company Products
The Store and Search site are down at this time untill I work out the html code for them. These are the first 5 scans on the site. Please feel free to click on the Thumbnails below.

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