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Snot... such a mysterious substance...

Respect Towards Snot
By Snails

Snot is not disgusting. Snot is a lovely body fluid on its own, the only things that may be disgusting is the things in your snot. Snot actually is a key factor in protecting you from those dirty things you breathe. Snot comes from mucous membranes in your nose, not from squished up brains. You nose creates about a cupful of snot everyday, just for you. The snot protects your lungs from getting damaged by what you breathe. You snot and your cilia (little hairs) do a lot for you. Yes, snot is not just used to sicken people out, or as another trait for geeks, as they let it hang out their nose in little bubbles all day-it actually has a purpose! Well there you go! Snot is a wonderful substance. Bring out the best in your mucus! Try some tricks, such as sucking it up your nose and then spitting out your mouth. This tasty trick is commonly known as "hawking a loogie." Enjoy your snot!

Snot FAQ

What makes snot?

Membranes in your nose! (see above)

What does snot taste like?

This all depends on who you are and what you've been sniffing. If you are a farmer and you've been in cow dung all day, your snozula isn't going to taste very good. Personally, I'm not going to taste snot myself. However, it will not kill you to eat snot or taste it- it can severly damage your social reputation, but it will not hurt you. In other words, experiment this one on your own. I do not recommend eating snot, because it is there to keep bad things out of your body, and you eating would bring it in...weirdo.

Can too much snot kill you?

Yes! Too much of almost anything can kill you. You could be crushed by miles and miles of snot. Snot can suffocate you if you were to be thrown into a pool of it. Take heed in any "Beware of Snot" signs.

Can snot freeze?

Yes. Snot can freeze... just like most any other substance that is on the edge of becoming a liquid, snot too will freeze. I am not sure of the temperature required to make snot freeze and/or boil. I recommend not attempting to make your snot freeze and/or boil while it is still in your nose, but you are free to experiment on your own.

Where is snot found?

Snot is found in your nose, smeared on your face, in your mouth, in a cleanex, or anywhere you may have put it. Other "bodily snots" are not my business and you should look somewhere else for that kinda perverse thing.

Is picking your nose dangerous?

Yes, picking your nose is quite dangerous. What if you were got in a car accident while picking your nose? You would then probably be able to feel your brain with the finger you stuck up your nose.

Is women snot different from men snot?

I don't know. I have not gotten into the field of study on snot in two different genders; or even into studying snot itself. You can answer this question for yourself. Use your imagination.

Umm... Does snot come out of other regions?

Go Away.

What is the standard color of snot?

The standard color of snot is usually thought to be green, but I would tell you otherwise. If I were to punch myself in the nose and then remove some snot, it may be red. Under close observation, and assuming the punch led to bleeding, you will notice that the snot will be red, like blood. Of course, this is just simply mixing other substances with snot, and therefore cheating my way out of a correct answer. I guess snot has it's own pigment for color. Whenever snot is created it developes its own color. Personally, my snot has come out yellowish, brownish, and sometimes black. Cartoons give snot the stereotypical green image and it is widely accepted by many young children and burrowing insects. So, if you want a short answer to this question, here you go: Green.

Have you ever known anyone by the name of snot?

Yes, I met him in a subway in New Amsterdam. He told me that he had come from a desert and was seeking more tropical climate. I told him the same thing about myself. He made some strange motion, winked at me, then sneezed.

I've heard of a band named Snot, have you?

Yes I have. Do I listen to them? No. Who would listen to a band named Snot? Seriously, that's disgusting.

What day is it?

The day on which this was posted is: December 02, 2002.

Do you have a dog?

You don't seem to be asking questions about snot.

I meant to say do you have a dog that you named snot?

I'm sure you did...liar.

Fine, don't believe me

Fine, I won't.

Fine, then!

Let's not use this Snot FAQ for arguing, ok?

What if I want to?

Yea... I'm going to go watch tv now...

Hey wait...!