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About the MAC

Here's how it all started...

Team Goals

1) Play scenario paintball with a common group of people.

2) Have fun playing paintball

3) Develop teamwork and tactics from playing with the same group of people.

4) Keep the team fun, and not a part/full-time job.

5) Lay waste to others on the field while maintaining good sportsmanship.

6) Build and maintain friendships within the team and with others.

7) Team organizer will strive to keep members informed on team functions.

8) To share the use of the power word... MOO!

9) No organized practice - we will improve and gel as a team with actual team play.

10) Team leadership is conducted by a true democracy. All members have a say in team action.

Team Rules

1) Maturity. No whiners or sore losers. The golden rule applies here: "Treat others as you would want to be treated."

2) Be a team player. This means the willingness to go along with team decisions even at times it may not "feel right". In other words, you have to be willing to compromise at times.

3) Must want to have fun. If you are looking at becoming the world champion of paintball... we are not for you. We are here to have fun, and improve our skills along the way.

4) Team members are eligible to receive team discounts and perks from our sponsors once cleared by team leadership.

5) Personal Integrity (doing what is right). This includes no cheating. Members caught cheating or having bad sportsmanship will be ejected from the team... NO DISCUSSION!

6) Respect. Team members will respect each other and others in the paintball community even if you feel they don't deserve it.

7) All team members are required to attend three (3) scheduled team events annually (posted on our schedule) to remain active members (this does not include military duty or other emergencies). Non-active members will be "Dropped from the Rolls" and placed into a reserve list for one year. After that, they will be removed from the team entirely.

8) Must like cows... or at least eating cows.