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Update Archive
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YOUR CURRENTLY IN THE UPDATE ARCHIVE! Did you miss an update? They're all here!

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Update Archive

Haven't been here in awhile? Well don't fret the update archive contains all those updates you missed! Ok so the Sex and the City girls don't have a lot to do with The Carpathians, I still love that show!

Note: Updates here are arranged by Weeks! This Weeks Updates are Posted Below!

Where in the world is Grace?

August 12/13 2002,-Hello to all my Feehanatics sorry for my lack of updates but I've been working like a dog and trying to save money for my fall semester. I feel like I've been in college five years oh wait I have been in college five years. If only I could decide what I wanted to do but that's another story.

Anyway I bought thanks to the awesome Deborah Yancey. Right now there is a placeholder there. I've had no free time whatsoever guys. My main priority this week is updating the site with Survey Results and Who do you choose is closing soon so be sure to go vote. SO I guess my move is coming later than expected SOOOO sorry! Please don't stone me. My new rants and raves are coming and a lot of other neat stuff that will make you forget the move! Be sure to add a recipe to Cooking and you Hall of famers should be added by the end of the week!

So this is just to say I am still alive, I still love Christine and Lair of the Lion is only weeks away!

August 1, 2002: Well I've been very, very busy this week. Work and the heat it's been so yucky in Chicago! Plus I've been obsessing about my negative balance but I did it I just bought It said my account would be set up the next buisness day so I'm anxious to tell you all what is going to happen! I can't wait to leave Angelfire.

Fun: The Feehantic Quote of the Week is new.
Fun: The August Survey is UP!
Cooking with Feehanatics: is up and running be sure to add your recipes.

That's all for now...Stay tuned as the moving begins!

July 27, 2002: Well I have no real updates today just news. For one thing I have passed 10,000 visitors WOO HOO! I just did a little happy dance also I am adding a new feature which tomorrow I will add a form for. It's called Carpathian Cooking. We all know that Carpathians don't eat food but what foods did those psychic females love before they turned? Please send me your recipes for well just about anything! Share your talent with all of us

I added pictures of myself to my info page because my niece hates my cartoon image. She says I look nothing like that. Lol tomorrow the survey is coming down and the new one is coming up. Also I asked Christine about timelines when things happened etc. and I should have that information up next week. I'm adding a review for Austin Powers goldmember and a new quiz.

Also dun dun dun late next week I will let you all know where this site is moving. I'm planning on being at a new url by September.
That's all for now it's hot again in Chicago! Double Yuck I hope you all have a great Saturday

July 24: Have I mentioned how great Chicago weather has been lately? Well, it's not to hot, not cold just right! Today Amy Bashor sent me a Carpathian Family Tree! Thanks again Amy so be sure to hop over to Carpathians and check it out! Also I added my Rants & Raves which I enjoyed writing and I hope you like reading! Oh and I made the update archive nicer and stored older updates so that now they are a lot easier to read! Also Friday Austin Powers in Goldmember comes out I love those movies and can't wait!!! I may even review it if it's good!

* Rants & Raves~ Be sure to check out the books I've read. One I loved the other eeewww!
* Carpathians~ Gary's made a friend thanks to Amy we now have a great Family Tree!

Before I bid you adieu I just want to say THANKS to everyone who has sent me such great e-mails! I'm slowly inching towards 10,000 visitors can you believe that, and it's all thanks to all of you. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

July 23/24 : Well Technically it's the 24 but you know when it's so late it still feels like yesterday? Today I did a bit of updating I added the FAQ page and also a few new quotes! Thanks so much to Donna Gilbert, Slavica, Hollyn & Darby!
Speaking of Darby do you read Harlequin Duets? Well if you do I have a treat for you! Darby has a Duets FAN PAGE! Which to me is so cool since really a Fan site is tons of work for no pay! *grin* With that in mind be sure to swing on over to Darby's site and tell her Grace sent you, Be Sure to sign her guestbook! Use the link below or go to my links page!

Darby's Duets Fan Page

FAQ~ New page with your most frequent questions!
~ Lots of new quotes! Thanks so much for sending them my way
~The Feehantic Quote of the Week was changed today so be sure to check it out!

More coming tommorrow and just a reminder this months Survey is coming down in about 4 days so if you haven't taken it be sure to do so! New Survey Coming, Oh I also changed the main page let me know what you think! Survey Results and Hall of Fame are now located in the Fun Section!
Have a great night/morning!

July 22 : Well all I did was update the Hall Of Fame! I think I know some of your names by heart! (lol) Tommorrow I'll have lot's more real updates thanks to everyone who has taken the quizzes and written all those great letters!
Have a great night!