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YOUR CURRENTLY IN MY RANTS & RAVES! Read about the books I'm reading!

Rants & Raves!
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Someone asks "Uh Grace What is ranting and raving?"
Glad you asked. Rants? Well they are my shouts and sometimes screams at some of the goofy happenings in some books I read. Raves? It's my shouts of joy at finding a great book and a definite reread!
I rant I rave I move on....

The Book: Ritual of Proof
The Author: Dara Joy

Ritual of Proof I just finished Dara Joy's Ritual of Proof and can I just say eeww. For one thing the book makes no sense but that's besides the point considering most romances donít, however this one had me sporting a puzzled expression more than once. The whole Ritual of Proof thing is beyond being virgins and during sex it... let's just not get into it. I still don't really get what the moon had to do with anything and the book's premise women in charge blah, blah, blah made me remember a book I read in high school about a planet of amazons. I didn't enjoy that book I didn't enjoy this one either.

Plus just how old was the heroine (what was her name again?) She had met the hero when he was a child and he was 25 when the books events were talking place but for some reason I really wanted to know how old she was. Does anyone out there on the web know? Be sure to e-mail me if you do!

The heroine irked me the hero irked me. When your favorite character in a book is the heroine's ex-lover (btw his name was Rain) who appears in about 4 pages something is wrong! Now don't get me wrong I LOOOOVE Dara Joy and I will continue to buy her books but I hope I don't have to visit that world again. As much as I love to be a woman on that planet I don't think I'd want to read about it! Now let us never speak of this again!


The Book: Skirting the Issue
The Author: Heather MacAllister

Skirting the IssueWhat makes a fun book? Heather MacAllister definitely knows. Are you stressed out over work? Need a good laugh this book will get you chucking. Here's what you need to know. Samantha Baldwin is a sales rep with a nice boyfriend and plans for success. At the wedding of her college friend she finds out that instead of a bouquet they're throwing a skirt. A skirt you say well not just any old skirt. This one has magical powers made on an island it's said to attract men and not just any man, it will attract the right man. The man that is meant for you and who you will inevitably marry. Sam doesn't want the skirt heck she doesn't really want her boyfriend but guess who catches it? She is not pleased.

After breaking it off with her boyfriend she's relocated to New York where with no apartment she gets a break and finds herself rooming with two other women. AJ a lawyer & Claire an anthropology professor. Samantha wants a promotion and when she is paired with her nemesis Josh Crandall, she fears the worst. No one annoys Sam like Josh does, he's... well a jerk, but how can she get back at Josh when he's so slimy...Suddenly a man magnet skirt is looking better and better. What better way to get her revenge than making him want her in the worst way and than saying no way.

The first couple chapters of this book are too funny. Sam really hates Josh but she finds herself thinking about him all the time. Some of the dialogue between Josh and Sam is laugh out loud hilarious! Samanthaís new apartment is filled with all sorts of interesting people and hey the book even has a rescue scene! A fun, sassy, piece of work Skirting the Issue delivers a definite keeper and a great introduction to a series! Heather MacAllister has outdone herself run out and by this book now! Well what are you waiting for?

Just a Note SKIRTING THE ISSUE is book one in the new Single in the City series!


Samantha "Did I mention the jerkish aspects of your personality?"
Josh "Yeah"
Samantha "And I have before haven't I?"
Josh "Several Times, but you change the adjectives. I don't recall you using 'complete' before. Total jerk, you've used that. Let's see....stupid jerk. Slimy jerk. Unethical jerk. And such a jerk. As in "You are such a jerk, Josh"
Samantha "Jerk"
Josh "Hey an unadorned jerk! Or would that be a naked jerk?"

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