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Carpathian Females


Please read the note at the bottom of this page for information on ages.
NameLifemateSibling/sChildren FactsBook Appearances
*Alexandria Savage

Age: 23
Aidan Josh a human boy, 6 years old 0 Alexandra was kidnapped by a vampire and had trouble accepting Aidan. Dark Gold
Age: ?
Eric N/A male Celeste wanted to heal Raven but lost courage when she the wounds. Dark Prince,
Desari (Dara) Savage

Age: ? we know she's an ancient Syndil is 6 months older than her
Julian ok kinda complicated but here goes. Gabriel and Lucian are her older brothers by at least a thousand years and a couple centuries.
Gregori is also her older brother.
Darius is 5 years older than her
0 Desari is the first female ancient we meet. With her we find out that females come into their own powers. Hers is the effect of her voice. She's one of the lead singers of The Dark Troubadours. Dark Challenge, Dark Fire
Age: ?
Tien N/A N/A Last we heard from her they were taking Rand and Noelles child to her Dark Prince
Age: ?
Vlad Byron male N/A Dark Prince
Francesca Daratrazanoff
(Del Ponce)

Age: a thousand years old.
Gabriel N/A A FEMALE! Francesca lived as a human for many years. She made herself immune to the sun. She had given up hope in finding her lifemate. She's a healer and the first Carpathian women to have a female child since Sarantha had Noelle. A strong Carpathian women who also has some psychic ability she saw that Lucian had a life mate! Dark Legend, Dark Guardian
Noelle Dubrinsky(dead)
Age: 500
although he wasn't her true life mate
male (dead) Noelle wanted Rand for his looks. She was the last female born to a Carpathian woman in a long time. Dark Prince
*Sara Marten
Age: 30
Falcon Robert
Killed by vampire who hunted her
Psychic human children (adopted)
3 girls
4 boys
Sara was hunted by a vampire for 15 years but always stayed one step ahead. Dark Dream
Sarantha Dubrinsky(dead)
Age: ?
Vladimir N/A Mikhail, Jacques, Noelle (dead)
Male (dead)
Sarantha was the last Carpathian woman who had a female child for many centuries to come. Dark Dream
Savannah Dubrinsky
Age: 23
Gregori 0 0 Savannah was meant for Gregori from the time she was in the womb. Dark Desire
Dark Magic
*Shea Dubrinsky(O'Halloren)
Age:20s? + 23 years to present time
Jacques Half Brother
(Noelle and Rands)
0 Shea is Rands Daughter. Her mother was his true lifemate. Dark Desire
Dark Dream
Age:? another ancient 6 months older than Desari
Barack Unknown 0 Syndil has a power to heal and become one with the earth. Before the attack on her she usually played the keyboards or drums in the Dark Troubadours. She and Barrack went to visit Mikhail and learn about their people. Dark Challenge
Dark Fire
*Tempest "Rusti" Daratrazanoff

Darius 0 0 Rusti can speak with animals and is the mechanic for the Dark Troubadours as well as Darius's lifemate. Dark Challenge
Dark Fire
*Raven Dunbrinsky (Whitney)
Age: 20's + 48 years present time
Mikhail 0 Savannah First human psychic to be converted into a Carpathian without turning into a vampiress. Dark Prince
Dark Desire
Dark Dream
(name) <-- maiden names. The Females are really hard to pin down here's what you need to know Human Psychic women who were turned Carpathian are marked with a *. From Dark Prince To Dark Desire 25 years passed and From Dark Desire to Dark Gold 23 years you dig. So Raven is her age plus a total of 48 years :). The rest of the Dark books that follow Gold are all within months of each other grace