The Ramblings
of a Sociopath


My So-Called Life
Connections to Psychosis

welcome to the mind of the sick and twisted.
enjoy your stroll to hell and back,
or get out while you still can.

this page isn't done yet,
and i am still working on it,
but it probably never really will be done
because i'm just a perfectionist with myself.

email me, tell me what you think.
i'm always up for criticism, it's been my life,
and if you want updates when i put new stuff up on this page,
send me your email address to send them to.

as i went through the poems from so long ago,
i began to realize just how fucked up i really was and am,
so all i ask is that, as you're reading through my writings,
just try to understand the misery and naivety of my youth.

oh, and don't steal none of my shit, okay, people?
none of it is good enough for all that.