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-[2/27/03 updates]-

Darkest Hour completes new album

Washington DC metal band Darkest Hour have finished recording their latest full-length, entitled "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation." A track ("The Sadist Nation") from the effort can be downloaded here. The track features guest vocals from Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) while other portions of the album feature appearances from Anders Bjorler (The Haunted, At The Gates), Peter Wichers (Soilwork), and Marcus Sunesson (The Crown). Here's the album's track listing:

1. The Sadist Nation
2. Pay Phone and Pills
3. Oklahoma
4. Marching to the Killing Rythm
5. The Misinformation Age
6. 7 Day Lie
7. Accessible Loss
8. The Patriot Virus
9. aquetis, vertunis

Meanwhile, the group will hitting the road for a full US tour at the end of April or beginning of May, but for now, catch them at the following shows:

2/28 Washington DC @ GWU
3/1 North Carolina @ Friction Fest
3/7 W. Columbia SC @ Uncle Doctors
3/8 Roanoake VA @ 324 Factory
3/27 Savannah GA @ The Velvet Lounge
3/28 Harrosinburg VA @ 423 Main St
4/12 Baltimore MD @ The Ottobar w/ Converge, ETID
4/13 Pittsburgh PA @ Club Laga w/ DEP, Converge, ETID

-[2/25/03 updates]-

Throwdown Signs with Trustkill
Throwdown has signed with Trustkill Records. Their new album will be coming out June 2003. 2003-02-24 01:43:16 CST by propheci (source: trustkill records)

New England Metalfest
Current lineup includes: Opeth, Nevermore, Suffocation, Lamb Of God, DRI, Shadows Fall, Haunted, Converge, Hate Eternal, Blood Has Been Shed, Killswitch Engage, Cannae, Most Precious Blood, Diecast, Unearth, Mastodon, Terror, November's Doom, The Acacia Strain, Tramacide, Nora, Wasteform, Beyond The Sixth Seal, Crematorium, Noctuary, Held Under, The Takeover, Grimlock, Full Blown Chaos, Beyond The Embrace, On Broken Wings, Eviscerate, Locked In A Vacancy, Speedkillhate, Cephalic Carnage, Bleeding Through, 18 Visions, Kataklysm, Dysrhythima, Goatwhore, Preminitions Of War, Himsa, Caliban, Atreyu, Misery Index, The Red Chord, Pig Destroyer, Harakiri, and Bongzilla. Previously confirmed Cradle of Filth has backed out due to commitments to Ozzfest. 2-day tickets will be $55 and should be on sale right now. Single day tickets will be $30 per day and go on sale Fri. March 7. And lastly, there is still one more major band TBA. 2003-02-21 16:14:14 CST by propheci

Most Precious Blood
The band has recently parted ways with vocalist Tom Sheehan. Tom will be going back to work as a forensic psychologist. They have replaced with with Rub Fusco, formerly of the Albany, NY Hardcore band One King Down. Most Precious Blood will be recording this spring for their upcoming summer release on Truskill Records. They also have upcoming shows with Hatebreed, Biohazard, and Sworn Enemy, and have planned a Summer tour with Shai Hulud, Terror, and Bleeding Through. 2003-02-16 20:42:24 CST by XmikeX (source: lambgoat)

Ex-Skycamefalling Members Seeking Vocalist
Former members of the Long Island, NY band Skycamefalling, Cameron Keym (guitarist), Sal Mignano (bassist), and Joe Zizzo (drummer), have recently formed a new band and are currently looking for vocalist. Candidates must be willing to tour and practice extensively. Both singing and screaming are required, though singing will take precedent.

-[OlD NeWs]-

Poison the Well Working on New Album
Poison The Well has finished pre-production for their upcoming full-length with producers Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lovstrom in Los Angeles. Today the group began tracking the effort at Sound City Studios in LA. PTW will then head to Sweden to finish up the record by April 1st. 2003-02-03 11:54:05 CST by propheci (source: lambgoat)

Reach The Sky Announces Final Show
REACH THE SKY have announced their upcoming show on February 9th as their last show ever. After many years at being at the top of the Boston Hardcore scene, they have decided to disband. Other bands on February 9th bill at The Palladium in Worcester MA include: AMERICAN "Nothing", BANE, THE PROMISE, and SOME KIND OF HATE. 2003-01-30 10:09:15 CST by propheci

Most Precious Blood
There's a new demo available at They're working on new stuff right now and they plan to release their next cd on Trustkill this coming fall. They plan on heading over to Europe, Japan and Thailand later this year. But later on in the month they'll be touring with The Promise. 2003-01-03 13:20:42 CST by elvis