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emo. hardcore. screamo. chewing broken glass.
Apparition -

You always knew just how to bury your sins beneath my skin
i am the fevered words you wished you'd never said
i am the saddest song that haunts you in your sleep
i am the thought that wakes you from your sweetest dreams

Tonight I'll walk these halls
Studying the cracks in the walls
To die internally To die eternally

The death of all that i dreamed
shaken from your sweetest dream

From deaths grasp
i shall rise and will rise
one last time

when the tears top the laughter its time to go home
and here i am the greatest lie you ever told
i am the incision that leaves behind the deepest scar
i am your heart when your head says walk away

No one dies no dies alone
i'll send this chill straight through your bones
i am not anyone you know
ghost from your past here to seize your soul

-[BaCk To MPB LyRiCs]-