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The Golden Rule

The golden rule. The rule that your parents are always telling you that you should use, even though they beat the shit out of you and hate to hear you talk, to show equal respect for others. Don't follow the golden rule. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter how nice you are to everyone else, they are still going to walk all over you if you give them the chance. So do the right thing and treat other people like shit. If you really think, the majority of the people you'd be treating like shit definately deserve it. Most of them would probably do the same to you. So instead of holding the door open for an old person, slam it in their wrinkly, ugly face. You know that no matter what you do they're just going to go home, eat dinner at 3:30, and complain about "kids these days". As if they weren't annoying little fucks when they were young! Another good example would be women. Don't listen to all these politically correct dipshits that tell you that you need to treat women special to make up for them being "objects" in the past. Fuck it. Just give them the equal treatment that they constantly are asking for. Give them a good smack on the ass when they do a good job, just like you'd do to your buddy on the football team. You stupid jocks! But after thinking about it, that would be following the golden rule. After you do a good job, wouldn't you want some person of the opposite sex to half fondle you as a congratulations? That's the golden rule at work! Does it make any sense? Hell no! Should you follow something that doesn't make any sense? Would you follow some grunting hobo into a back alley if he led you there? If you don't recognize the sarcasm in this entry, maybe you should. For all of you that don't believe my philosophy, you're wrong. But if you still follow the golden rule, enjoy being taken advantage of while the rest of us logical people do whatever the fuck we want. Send hate mail to Tom.