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You Call Yourself Fans

-8/31/02- I'm disappointed! I saw the Cautions show last night and none of you people were there. I must say, you missed a greatly entertaining show (and a talk about midwifery). The first band, Swimming to Pinpoints, is a very talented trio who plays some odd music. Not really any way to describe it. Maybe progressive/indie/emo/hardcore for all you people that need to label everything. To really get the feel for their sound, you should definately see them. The Sewing Terrorists played an excellent and final show as a band. They will be missed. One of them is moving to Mexico to become a midwife and I wish her the best of luck. As for The Cautions, they are so original you will laugh, cry, and want some more. Everyone needs to see them at least once to know what I'm talking about. If you'd like to make it up to me and all the bands, Swimming to Pinpoints and The Cautions are playing a show Saturday, September 7, at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. For show information, e-mail me.