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I am Brenna Kimi, The Goddess of Solitude.  I represent poets and artists.  I am often associated with bands such as Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Tori Amos though my musical interests are much broader.  I am an advocate of addictive reading and music on vinyl.  I have below some meanderings through the anonymity of my mind.  Following, you may request my attention to your opinions of my work.  On subsequent media, that particular image will return you to this medium.  Enjoy with care.

The world is a barcode, we must all learn to be three-dimensional to escape it.

This site has been provided for you to see into the inner workings of my mind.  These include, but are not restricted to my art and poetry which you will find on this page.  For those who find the map to my mind enigmatic, below is a guide to your search.

Contour 1:  Bruised Soul (Photographic Etching)
Contour 2:  Disenchantment (Photographic Etching)
Contour 3:  Equivalence (Photographic Etching)
Contour 4:  Accepting Nostalgia (Photographic Etching)
Contour 5:  Self-Internment (Photographic Etching)
Contour 6:  Winter (Photographic Etching)
Contour 7:  Labyrinth (Photographic Etching and Free Verse)
Contour 8:  Song of Leán (Epic in Free Verse)
Contour 9:  Moving Pain (Free Verse)
Contour 10:  Self-Destructive Recollection (Free Verse)
Contour 11:  Ravaged (Free Verse)
Contour 12:  Prey (Sestina)

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