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Blue Rodeo Haven

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Welcome to Blue Rodeo Haven. A site dedicated to Canada's most talented band. They have won multiple Juno's over the past 20 years, and they continue to compose music and tour.

Blue Rodeo formed in the early 80's and had their first hit with the single 'Try' from their debut album 'Outskirts.' They featured as Meryl Streep's band in the movie 'Postcards from the edge.' Jim Cuddy has also found his own success with his the release of his late 90's solo album 'All in Time' which won him the Juno for 1999's Male Vocalist of the year... whoo!!

Blue Rodeo's music forms a harmonic fusion of country and rock, with a little slice of punk. They call tears to your eyes with songs like 'Bad Timing' , or make you get up and shake your thang with 'The Days in Between.' They have a song for every mood and moment.

This site has been running for a few years... I think it's actually been two years now. I have made a lot of changes and rearranges and I continue to do so frequently. I hope you enjoy your visit!

17/05/2004 ~ Hey... just an update. Yay this site has finally been added to the Blue Rodeo WebRing... whoo whoo!!. I've made a few update to the Photographs pages, just made it so you can view a bigger version of the pictures when you click on them. I'll add more pictures as soon as I find some good ones... or if someone has any that they want me to post I will gladly do so :)


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