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Important news (not really).

1/24/03 - Music get together at Tim's house for Super Bowl. RAIDERS!!!!

1/26/03 - Music box social was a complete bust. No one showed up. Mark died, Michael was grounded, Peter was being lame, Arthur getting shot at and etc. etc. Dame Buccaneers won the Super Bowl. Damn them.

2/13/03 - Not a very good day for Tim. Still recovering from the good blow to the groin yesterday. It's raining and lightning is a plenty also. This weekend looking to put new stuff on. Putting a little video too. You'll have to d/l it to see what it is though. HAHA. Don't worry. It's won't be nothing bad.

2/16/03 - Hey It's super Sunday!. Friday and Saturday held great shows. Friday there was a show with the Triks and some other bands. Saturday had a show of the the same bands except the Triks but it had another band. I give props to Midnight Special. Good job guys you guys were real good. I salute you. Also put in new pictures.