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{:}emo bloom{:} hi i'm emo bloom & i want to radically alter your vibe

~:~{T}he first sound & All existed~:~ All around ~'became,'~ & All of the colors were separated. ~:~ Silken electra laced the ether & life danced with land.~:~ {S}trange spinning surfers layed down a fine mesh of ~All~ & nothing,~&~many hands of thought tilled the ~All~ until even the darkness shone.~:~{a' soapbubble universe with omega walls~:-:~'{S}uch a prize for the brave~.!.~The touch & ~oh the taste the taste~!~!"finest of all ambrosia:{~}:milk of life:%:not to be ~&~ to be ...

{!?!}{Remember the beings}{!?!}

{}:{} } - { i'm emo bloom & i'm crying to the sky ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{|:|}

~:~right now your more & less than human~:~ your supernature just a drop in every sea~:~ physical the flesh is void of motion~:~ red wine metal texture running free{~:~}


wishing only for fullfilment

{:}follow the beyondling's{:}


The Hag's
happy stupid