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#!Adult_Whispers Closed

#!Adult_Whispers has been closed due to back taxes owed.

The windows were all broken out from Carli tossing Missy thru them, and
the carpets was mildew'd with spew splatters ... also from being rolled up to long.

The luminol inspectors report showed signs of blood splatters, but noted there was
surgery instruments in the bathroom cabinet indicating brain surgeries had taken place.

They also found sheep feces piled in the basement next to an old rusty Trivia Bot.
The attic was stacked with old, cracked, deteriorated rubber dolls left behind.

Cyber Hall published a list of stuff that was left in the garage.

Stacks of old Marriage & Divorce Certificates
A Broken Down Truck With 4 Flats Filled With Empty Ice Cream Cartons
Gymnastic Mat
A McDonalds Sign
Collection Of Ball Bats
A Huge Box Of Macro's
Old Broken Furniture
A Broken Juke Box

Also, Cast-off's From Other Rooms Dragged In For Use At The Time.
Bar w/ Stools
10 boxes Of Cuntry mp3's
A Devils Playground Broken Slide & Twisted Chain Swingset
3 Boxes Of Old Wave Files

With The Cost Of Inspectors, Reports, Condemned Certification,
Demolition, And Carting All That Trash Away
On Barges To Another Country They Probably
Won't Let Anyone Open A Room Again Legally With

In Memory Of Our Fallen Chatters

^Ana^ ^Abby^ Alphamale AngelFire AppleBuns Arclight Italian
BGame BiLL98 BlackWidow BoilerMaker BoNeZ BranDi BriaNa
Brodie Byte Bwitchy Cassanova ChatCat Cherokee Chopper
CoolMom CrazyTra|n Cryonix CU76 DaGGLeS D3v|ous Divine
DogCop Dove Dreamer Entex FairyPrincess Freckles Grizzlie
Gunny HarleyGirl Havok }{azzard Hercules Hoblin }{oney
Ice771 Illuminator Italian IQ JayJay JoeCamel JoeySuitcase
JustAsk Kandle |{illa Kissy Kosmoe Ky_Wmn JadedLady
Joanie LadyHawk Lexus Limo Lipps Lonnie & LL Mamaw & Papaw
Meadow Minnie MissyCheeks ^MoNey^ MoralTurpitude Mot|eyCrow Mr & Mrs UF
Nairad Oasis Onthego Palmaro Pavlova Phantom Phil The Phreak
Phred Pimpologist Pittbull Plummer Pouty Pr|nce Prissy
Purrfekt QT-Pie Quasar Razz RedFyre RoadRunner Rocket7777
RufusDaBear Seedless Shara Shawn Shell919 Syberian Silverado
Sirus Sirwolf Sky Sleepy96 SmartyPantsGlory Smok3r Sn|per
Sparks StarDust Starlight Steelwulf Steven St|nger Stormie
Sunshine SweetTemptress Swi999ng Sybil Toad TONYA Viking
VikingWarrior Violet Wally Warmonger Webbens Whosyourdaddy Wileycoyette


Offender : You!
Date: Today
Offense: #ZD101FB608

In Front Of The Computer TOO LONG!

Details of Offense:
During our routine sweep of the Internet we, the Internet Police,
have discovered that you have been on your chair in front of the computer TOO LONG!

You are HEREBY ORDERED to clean up that pile of cups, cans, wrappers and papers on your desk.
(yes, we can see you - sit up straight!)
After you have logged into the real world for a minimum
of ten minutes you may log back on to the Internet.

Failure to comply may result in loss of reality, carpal tunnel syndrome, and the requirement of a larger chair.
The timer starts NOW!
Get off your butt ... you'll thank us for it later.

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Email Carli For Details :)