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P2 Mathematics

Hi Kidz,

Here are some of the E-Worksheets created by our very own P2 Teachers.

Do spend some time doing it in school or even at home. 


To start off follow the following steps carefully.

1) Choose and Click on the Exercise you want to do.

2) Then double click on your left mouse.

Good Luck.


Primary 2

Topics E-Worksheets Comments
Numbers to 1000 Ex1         Ex2      Ex3  
Addition & Subtraction Ex4         Ex5      Ex6  
Length Ex7  
Mass Ex8        Ex9      EX10  
Multiplication & Division Ex11      
Multiplication Tables of 2 & 3 Ex12  
Money Ex13      Ex14  
Mental Calculation Ex15       
Multiplication Tables of 4,5 and 10 Ex16      Ex17      Ex18  
Fraction Ex19      Ex20      Ex21    Ex22  
Time Ex23      Ex24  
Volume Ex25      Ex26      Ex27    Ex28  
Graphs Ex29      Ex30  
Geometry Ex31      Ex32      Ex33  
Shapes and Patterns Ex34      Ex35  


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