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Career Academy 1560.
  • Small battery operated or combination AC/DC was very popular, many different models and brands were made. Here is just a few from my collection.

  • TelTape recorder from 1958. Made in Germany. and battery operated.

  • Following is from owners manual:
  • Dear Customer: The Teltape is the newest electronic and, mechanical achivement in the recording field.
  • It is made of high-impact,shock-resistant plastic for lightness, strength and economy.
  • The revolutionary compact design makes, use of the highest quality electronic and mechanical components.
  • Advanced circuitry design makes this miniature recorder a modern miracle of this electronic age, that will give inumerable hours of enjoyment and entertainment at unheard of economy.
  • The Teltape transistor recorder is manufactured exclusively for us (Filnor Products) in Western Germany, where taperecorders where invented.
  • The small size of this outstanding recorder is only 8-1/2 x 6-1/2 x 2-1/4. Only weights 2 lbs.
  • Small type C-batteries power the entire Teltape recorder. It will last 15 hours continual use and don't need servicing for many years.....
  • The Teltape recorder is designed to accommodate standard 3 inch reels.
  • It also have variable speed control both for recording and playback.
  • Playing time is 16 minutes with feet tape (3 inch)
  • A freshly loaded reel with the automatic threading feature is in place and ready for operation in 10 seconds.
  • Price new 1958, $ 29.95.

  • The red pilot ligth comes on when the main switch is turned on. To the right is the, speed regulator so the tape last longer.
  • Toggle switch in the center: Left position= Record and Playback. Center = Off. Right = Rewind.
  • This actually works, but quality, njaa..
  • It will record and play but there is no built in speaker, you can listen with the earphones that you have to hold to each ear, not headphones.
  • A small plastic microphone is used for recording.

  • Made by Acme 1500 model

  • This one is a mystery, have not found any information about it.
  • 6 volt battery operated, has built in speaker and classy chrome microphone.

  • 2 speed - mono recording.
  • Very well built with hardly any plastic. Faceplate is chrome and in very good condition. It also works. If you know anything about this model please contact me.

  • Sony TC-900 A.

  • Sony TC-123

  • Sony TC-910

  • Wollensack