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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

Sep 25,2016

Update: # Several decks ready, check "Decks for sale"

Tascam 42NB 2 track machine with 7-1/2 & 15 speed.

Tascam 44OB Multi-track machine. 7-1/2 and 15 speed.

Teac X-1000R Top of the line. 3-3/4 and 7-1/2 speed.

Teac A-3440. Multi-track machine. 7-1/2 and 15 speed.

A wanted list I am looking for different parts is here

# And another peak review of a serie of early, Akai models that I have, pictures and spec's from 33 to M-11.

Akai M-8 playing. # Added Otari MX-5050 BII Spec's & Pictures here # 2 videos of Sony TC-377 in action here # A new page showing my packing of 2 large decks Teac X-1000R and Tascam 44 for safe shipping is here # Do it yourself sections has been edited and more information added here # Many new pictures uploaded in the "Sold Decks Photos" showing different models I have sold in the past. # Several models with spec's and new pictures: Sony TC-388 Quad

Akai GX-4000 D

Sony TC-377

Teac A-4010 S

Tascam 44 OB

Tascam 32

Sony TC-366

# More bandwidth and disk space after the new layout. # All manual pages are done with correct price

and functional link buttons. Price list

# Index has been changed New Look

# New: "Tape Talk" page here with good information,

about different head configurations. # Added a few new Otari manuals here # Tascam Mixer Manuals has a new section here with prices. # Shop and Inventory has a few new pictures added here # A new page with a close look of Tascam 42B model here # Video showing Akai 1710 W has been added here # US-Recording Media has a direct link now here # All the sold decks on the front-page "Home" has been moved and changed for spec's information for each model. Will add extra pictures and reviews on these in the future. Example showing Sony TC-366 here

# If you want to post a picture of your deck on this site and write a review what you like about your model, I'll be happy to create a page just for that purpose. Upgraded my bandwidth and webspace so there is room for many pictures and info. Send me a email thru the contact form below, thanks. # Please report any broken or non-functional links.

And if you have any request for new ideas, projects or changes,

feel free to contact me for suggestions.

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