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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

If you just bought a deck without Owners Manual and not sure what features it has,

or how to operate your deck, a manual is very important to have.

You get full insight how to record, specifications, maintenance, transport-controls etc.

The Service Manual when doing service or any adjustment on your deck,

without a manual you are stumbling in the dark.

Correct way of disassembly and exploded view of components.

Most of the service manuals are very detailed with both electronic and

mechanical adjustments, heads, bias, torque, trouble-shooting etc.

Also some models have seperate parts-list with original partsnr for each part.

When looking for parts over the internet it's easier to find having the exact parts-number.

These are reproduction-copys of the original manuals, and details is excellent.

I can offer both hard-copy's or CD (pdf-file) Prices are the same for both options.

Complete list and price

High-resolution copys and comes with a plastic binder and the bigger manuals in a hard-binder.

I pack the cd in a supported bubble-padded envelope and ship USPS.

If you want other shipping options with Fed Ex or UPS for rush-order just ask.

Feedback from Ray who bought a Akai X-355 D manual from me:

"I'm giving my thanks ,publicly, to Rolf, for coming to my aid in searching for the subject manual. I have never purchased a better copy of a manual, and I've bought dozens! Rolf , you obviously are a person who takes pride in what he does, and believe me, it shows. We are fortunate to have your services and expertise on this website." Sincerely, Ray B

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