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Welcome,this is my favorite hobby to restore old reel to reel decks.

  • My website is dedicated to reel to reel decks.

    If you looking to buy one refurbished and working, there are several different models and brands ready.

  • Some of the newest restored are at "Decks for sale" and many others waiting in line to be serviced.

  • Also Do it yourself section showing several common problems with different models.

  • If you looking for a owners or service manual for your reel to reel, I have over 400 reproduced, hard-copys or CD-ROM (pdf-file), of the original manuals for sale.

  • Many used parts from all kinds of models also in stock :

    Sony TC-350.Sony TC-353 D.Sony TC-355.Sony TC-366. Sony TC-388-Quad.Sony TC-399.Sony TC-630.Sony TC-630D. Sony TC-650.Akai GX 230.D.Akai M-6.Akai M-10. Akai 4000 DS.Akai GX 4000 D.Akai X-200.D.Akai GX-220D. Akai GX-270 D.SS.Akai X-2000-S.Akai X-1800SD. Akai 1710W.Akai GX-215 D.Teac A-1200.U.Teac 2300S. Teac A-2340.Teac A-4010.Teac A-6300.

    Tascam 22-2.Tascam 32.Teac X-3 MK II.Akai GX-266 D. Akai M-6. Akai M-9.Tascam 42 NB. Tascam 44OB. Tascam 32-2B. Teac X-1000R. Otari MX-5050. Pioneer RT-707. Pioneer RT-1020


  • Visual check for burned components, fuses, grime, dust or any obviously problems.

  • Test playback function with a high quality recorded tape, checking signals on both channels

  • Checking the tape travelpath for worn or hard pinchroller, guides and other possible problems.

  • Then a simple record test to see if the unit will record and erase.
  • After disassembly, cleaning inside with brushes and compressed air on boards, switches etc.

  • Check controls, switches for correct function and signals.

  • Playfunction, fforward and rewind is the critical part because all the rubber components.

  • Drivebelts, counterbelts are replaced and idler-wheels refurbished if needed.

  • Brakes and linkage adjusted to specifications.

  • Tape tension, reel-motors, tape guides and heads adjusted or replaced.

  • Re-rubber of both pinch-rollers and idler-wheels can be done thru Terry Witt's great service.

  • If parts are missing or need replacement, new or used ones are installed.
  • Many times I build one nice deck out of two here, as I am picky with both quality sound and cosmetics.

  • Burned VU meter bulbs are replaced and pilot-lights.

  • Transport mechanism is cleaned and re-lubricated.

  • Out / input - jacks and switches cleaned.

  • Then re-test the player for accurate speed, fforward and rewind function.

  • Tape-travelpath, heads,guides, cleaned and demagnetized.

  • After the transport and amp sections, is working properly the assembly starts.

  • Faceplate cleaned and polished.

  • Control-shafts straightned and knobs cleaned.

  • Wood-cabinets cleaned and oiled again.

  • After all is back together the final test begin:

  • Play and record function for several days and minor adjustments if needed.

  • Ready for a new owner !

  • Buying from the internet can be a risky process,

    take a look at my feedback.

  • Payment can be done with Pay Pal, money order, cashiers check or personal check.

    Verified for secured creditcards payments thru Pay Pal.

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    Teac 2A mixer & MB-20 meterbridge

    Sony TC-366

    Sony TC-377

    Sony TC-378

    Sony TC-388 Quad

    Akai 1710W

    Tascam 44OB

    Teac A-3440

    Tascam 32

    Ampex ATR700

    Akai X-355

    Sony TC-630

    Akai GX-4000D

    Tascam 42NB & Tascam 44OB

    Tascam 42B

    Tascam 38

    Teac A-4010-S

    Teac A-3340-S

    Tascam 44 Early Model

    Quad Decks

    Teac 40-4

    Otari MX-5050 BII

    Portable Small Decks

    Photo Albums Sold Decks

    Wanted Items

  • All manuals as hard-copy or CD-ROM(pdf-file).Complete manual & pricelist.

    A new layout and easier navigating has been launched.

    Please read the "NEWS" section.

    Also in progress with more projects, videos and pictures of different decks.

    New video: Tascam 42 in action. (SOLD)

    Pictures from the shop =Photos

    Service for transfer your tape from reel to reel to CD or cassette is here

    Just noticed we have over 1.200.638 visits to this site, that proves analog still lives.

    Thanks for your support and nice emails.

  • Information Shipping and Order.

  • If you have any questions about a certain part

    or want to order something email is the fastest

    way to reach me.

    Please include

    your zipcode or country for shipping quotes.


  • Teac A-3440.

    Tascam 44OB

    Teac X-1000R(silver)

    Check "Decks for sale" section with info, price and videos.

  • Teac X-2000M / X-2000 Service manual.

  • Akai R-220. Owners Manual.

  • Fostex A-80, Owners Manual. Price: $ 18.00.

  • Tascam 122 MKIII / 112MKII Owners manual.

    Teac A-3300SX Owners Manual.

    Otari MX-55 Operation & Service manual.

    Otari MX-50 Operation & Service manual

    Teac 80-8 Operation & Service manual.

    Teac/Tascam 35-2B. Service manual.

    Teac Remote RC-90 for Tascam 32-2B and 32-2 models.

    16 feet cord Price: $ 75.00

    Teac A-6100 Service manual.

    Teac A-6300. Service manual.

  • Teac remote RC-101. New in box. Price: $ 85.00

  • Tascam 58 operation/Service manual.

  • Tascam DBX - DX-2-D Owners manual with schematics.

  • Tascam DBX - DX-4-D Owners manual with schematics.

  • Pioneer RT-1050. Service manual.

  • Tascam M-30 Mixer. Operation & Service manual

  • Akai 34 Terecorder. Owners manual.

  • Teac 144. Owners Manual.

  • Akai GX-77. Service manual

  • 3 inch empty plastic reels. Ampex with box. $ 3.00 each.

  • New DIN-cords 6 feet long with males on both ends. $ 11.00

  • New Old Stock, 3 inch Scotch tape. 18 total.$ 8.00 each.

  • Teac A-4010S. Owners manual.

  • Sony TC-766-2. Service Manual.

  • Sony TC-654-4. Service Manual.

  • Sony TC-652-4. Service Manual.

  • Sony TC-560 D. Service Manual.

  • Ampex ATR-700. Complete Operation/Service manual. 201 pages.

  • Otari MX-5050. Operation/Service Manual.

  • Teac A-2300-S/3300 S. Service Manual.

  • Teac X-1000R Owners Manual.

  • Teac X-1000 R. Service Manual

  • Teac A-3340 S.(sync) Owners Manual

  • Teac A-3340 S Service manual.

  • New Parts Old Stock Tascam & Fostex. Porta studios, Tascam 122.

  • Akai M-11+11-D. Service Manual + Partslist + Price list for parts.

  • Akai 1700 + 1710. Service Manual with Schematic.

  • Akai 1800-L. Partslist with photos and partsnr.

  • Akai GX-210 D Service Manual with Partslist.

  • Teac A-1200 Service Manual.

  • Teac X-10 MKII. Service Manual.

  • Teac A-4010 S. Service Manual.

  • Teac 3340 S. Service Manual.

  • Akai GX-280 D. Owners Manual with Schematics.

  • Akai M-9. Owners Manual

  • Service Manual Akai GX-4000 D and DB.

  • Sony Mixer MX-6S Original 6 input mixer. Price: $ 85.00.

  • Owners Manual Akai 4000 DS.

  • Owners Manual Sony TC-155.

  • Operators Manual for Tascam 38.

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  • For Sale.


    I am located in Houston,Texas.

    Shipping with USPS,UPS or Fed-Ex worldwide.

    Some of the inventory.

    My cat's favorite bed Tascam 122 Mark II.

    "The good old days" Portable player and a stack of 45's spinning.


    Pictures © Vintage TX

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