Questions about transfer your tapes:

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Questions about transfer your tapes:

Can you transfer tapes recorded on small portable decks in mono ?

Yes, even if the speed is not correct, or you have 3-inch's tapes recorded in mono I can transfer those in to L + R channels, and adjust the speed.

What if nothing is on my "mystery tapes", do I pay for that also?

Of course not, I write a index note what is recorded and quality, if I find a blank tape, no charge.

Do I send payment with my tapes ?

No, after the tapes are ready I contact you and we discuss shipping and cost.

If you want your old tapes back they will be packed safe with each tape and master cd or cassette together.

Some tapes are recorded from family gatherings but the sound is not good, what can you do to improve these?

There are different ways, one is to record to a much higher speed on another deck with noise reduction between first and then mix it down to the final cassette. Example: A tape recorded with 1-7/8 speed (very slow) have usually low highs and hiss in the background = poor sound.

A step up with a mixer between and 15 speed + DBX will improve your old recording to a much better result.

Does this cost more ?

No extra charge for 3,5 and 7 inch's reels, it's included in my service,

10-1/2 inch reel-size a extra charge will be added

because it's very timeconsuming process.

What is dry tapes ?

The tape has lost the binding and a screechy sound can be heard when trying to play it.

Or make a mess on the heads and travelpath with tape-residue.

There is solutions baking the tape to preserve the recording temporary but I don't offer that service.

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