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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

Teac Sound on Sound + Stereo Echo unit. AX-10.(used)

Usable with TCA-40 series, 3300

4070, 4010SL, 6010SL, 7010SL, 7030SL.

Provides SOS switching and variable echo effects.

4 feet cable with RCA-connections.

Serviced and fully functional.

Price: (SOLD)

Teac RC-101 remote control brand new.

For Teac A-1200 and A-1500 models.

Forward, Play, Stop.

16 feet long cable.

Original box never used.

Price: $85.00

Teac switchbox AX-20 mixdown panel.(used)

For models 2340 S or 3340 S or

any 4-track and Quad models with RCA connections.

To make 2-channel copies of a 4-channel recording

without losing the required output level

from each channel.

Regular RCA connections.

Serviced and fully functional.

Price: (SOLD)

Teac remote-control RC-120.(used)

Useable on models: 2300, 2300 SD, 3300,

3300 SD, 3340, 3340 S.

16 feet long cable with round 11 pin connection.

Check on the back of your unit what model remote it use.

Serviced and fully functional.


Punch in/out control.

Not original but works perfect with several

Tascam reel to reel models. Model: 32, 34, 42, 44.

When engaged the recording function stops

and pressed again recording starts.

Foot-operated and new 1/4 phono plug installed.

Price: $30.00

Akai Tape-splicer AS-3. (used)

Very nice condition,

original box and fully functional.

Price: $(SOLD)