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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

Tascam 44 (early model) was sold with 3 different options.

One with attached DBX module DX-44

and second model was MX-44 microphone/line mixing module.

Third was plain as below here:

Features and controls:

  • Speed: 7-1/2 + 15.
  • Pitch control, 6% up and down.
  • Index counter with memory button for memory stop operation.
  • Reel-size selector.Memory. When depressed, transport

    will enter stop mode when counter

    reads 9999 during rewind operation.

  • Function select buttons for each channel.
  • Output select buttons for:

    Input - Vu meter reads line input to recorder.

    Norm - Used for all normal operation, recording, sync/reproduce

    and playback.

    Meter reads input or head #2 play output

    depending on setting of function

    select buttons.

    Monitor - Selects head #3.

    Meter now reads tape playback.

    Does not prevent recording on head#2.

    Used in set-up to check performance

    and record/play monitoring of tape.

  • CUE lever. the latch position is provided

    only for hand winding the tape to

    find an edit point.

  • Transport Motion Controls:

    6 micro switches. Also connection of RC-170 remote

    on the backpanel.


  • 1/4 inch tape, 4-channel, 4-track.
  • Reel-size: 10-1/2 maximum.
  • Speed Accuracy: 15 ips+-0,8 deviation.
  • 7-1/2 same as 15 ips.
  • Fast wind time: 120 seconds for 2,400 feet.
  • Start Time: less than 0,5 seconds.

  • Capstan-motor:DC motor, belt-driven capstan.
  • Reel-motors: 2-AC eddy current induction motors.
  • Head configuration: 3 heads.

  • Dimensions: 17-1/4 Wide. 21 Tall. 12 Deep.
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Frequency response:

    15 ips: 40Hz-20kHz, 3+-dB.

    7-1/2 ips: 40Hz-15kHz, 3+-dB.

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